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Oct 15, 2007
Hi all,

I am new to "" and am looking for some help. With so many on line casinos its hard to get some feedback on certain sites.

Please reply with ANY feedback you have experienced on "" as this is one i am interested in. Do they take a long to pay out, what are the pro's Vs Cons of

Please help.

Thank you all very much

Mr B
Futurebet is a notorious online casino and poker room turnkey provider with little if any player sensitivity.

Google "Futurebet" or search in the archives of major information portals such as this and you'll get the idea.
I cannot see any mention of TITANCASINO on futurebet website ... I found that a company called "iGaming Software makes it ?" is that the same sort of thing ????
Just for reference MrBadger.

If Jetset says they're Futurebet, they more than likely are. IGaming would be the software provider that the casino runs on.

Edited to add: Did a quick search and found this on blog site. Here's an excerpt.

The old Futurebet site is pretty much defunct now and most prospective iGaming entrepreneurs are being sent to iGaming Software Inc.

So I think that's your answer MrBadger, stay far, far away.
Thanks for the info guys ....

But has anyone actually experienced

Thank you to all

Mr B

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