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Feb 22, 2001
I can't find them right now, but there were slow-pay and bad communication complaints here regarding Royal Dutch Casino, and we have been pressing them for explanations.

Although they have rather adroitly sidestepped the issue of obligations to players under the old ownership, it appears that there has been a change of ownership and that the casino is presently being reorganised having decided to drop the IQ Ludorum software. They are looking at other options in that regard.

Here's the full content of their response. Their liaison manager is someone called Sarah C as you will observe. I have advised her that I will be directing players with outstanding payments to her at either the, or the telephone numbers she has listed. You will have to provide your user and ID numbers to her in order for her to check your files.

Good Luck, and keep this forum advised on progress please.

QUOTE: Like I previously explained Royal Dutch Casino is now owned by a totally new managnament.

We understand how serious "slow-pay" complaints are, in order to help the player and also to give you a better perspective of the story we need to have the information that I requested on the last email. Without the players identity and casino information we cannot start an investigation.

About our financial stability, I can assure you that we are serious casino operators and that what we are planning to open soon is a rock solid venue.We have excellent bankroll to pay all customers and a great marketing strategies for the new Royal Dutch Casino.

I'm sorry but I cant collaborate the fact that funds where frozen or not by a financial institution in the last administration of this casino, i am unaware about this situation.Regarding our new software provider we are still looking for the best solution in the industry,we like alot Microgaming, Play tech,Cryptologic & RTG Systems.

We understand and respect your interest on solving this serious allegation ,that is why all your questions and comments are welcome.


Sarah C
Royal Dutch Casino
Toll Free USA:

Here's a physical address for these fol,ks, too - it's in Miami!

Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 025723
ZIP CODE 33102

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