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Oct 24, 2003
I played at casino king, seems ok, did pretty good. Well, MSN decided to discontinue DSL in my area. I email them telling them i need to change my email address, no biggie, or so i thought. They wanted me to send them ID and copies of front and back of CC that i used in playing, ok no problem, they have that info anyway. After several faxes and them saying they cant read it I take it to a Sir Speedy a friend of mine owns. He scans it in a professional scanner and gives me a copy on disk as a JPEG. I go home and email it to them, they say Still unclear send it again. WTF. The numbers on the back of the CC match the front. CC are hard to copy for a reason, the color of mine if green and after you use the card for a while the numbers start to wear. Well i just tried to lighten it again. I can read it fine, i have no idea what the heck is going on or is this some common ploy to stall customers. BTW Im new here so Hi everybody.

Welcome to the forum...

But what this has to do with casino king and your CC *.jpg in connection to MSN DSL has me :confused:

Least why you posted this to a gambling forum.
I was just saying why i had to change email address. My point wasnt about MSN, but rather is this a common practice among online casinos to request ID and CC copies, and has anybody had any difficulties in online casinos continuing to reject what has been sent!

Yes is is, sorry :)

My suggestion is to ask your friend to supply the CC scan in *.gif format

A basic rule of thumb gif format good for solid colors ( no pictures )

jgp format good for pictures...

Hope this helps.

However if you can see the CC clearly ( both back & front ) and the other ID supplied.

I'd think maybe the casino is feeding you a line!
side note...

gif format in solid colors prevents that blurry look and pixelated effect that jpg's are known for sometime.
If its any consolation to you emtpbill, they would have requested this exact same information from you when you tried to make your first withdrawl, so you're actually saving time in the long run! Be prepared to furnish this same info to every other casino you ever play at online. Keep those scans in a handy place on your hard drive and just email them whenever they are requested.
Actually, since they keep emailing me saying they are not clear(the ID and cc) enough i finally got fed up and called them, they said to keep trying and make it clearer. I actually have my first withdrawl coming of 803.00 and when i asked them that if i cant make it any clear would that affect my withdrawl and was told no, that they would credit the original back to my visa and just send a check to the address on file. This whole thing started just cause i wanted to change my email address. I have played at william hill and pyramid and they never asked me for this info and have both been reliable payouts. I guess once i get my money back i just wont patronize this casino again, too much of a hassle just to have them say that the san is not clear enough, oh well, their loss,literally.
Changing an email with a casino can be funny, I changed my email at party poker since i started using pokertracker i could not use my hotmail account i needed pop3. I changed it then got locked out???? Turns out this is a red flag since i had used a CC to purchase. There must be some reason that a different email would flag that. You would think these people at this casino wouldnt give you too hard of a time, especially since you are not withdrawing. One call to party fixed this right away. They requested i fax but after talking to a second person all was fine.

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