Inet's Achilles Heel


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Jul 11, 2008
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When I read about INET'S lack of phone and slow email response, if any, I just bite my lip[s , or grin and bear it since I play there and usually win sometimes, though not a lot,so I will put up with the BS.
But I followed the rules and sent this email to them may4th,

I have been depositing using QT(Usemywallet) and withdrawing via QT.

qUESTION : Is it possible to request a withdrawal via wire transfer although I had deposited through QT?

Today is May8th. still no reply ,in the meantime I xferred to QT, took out half the amount and lost it (not to inet).
Does anyone here know the answer to this question? I know INET does not pay you to do their job but would like to know gor future reference
I recently asked a similar question of inetbet, and the response was that they would do a wiretransfer if there were no other options. If people have ewallets, inet said, they will withdraw to the ewallet, especially considering the current climate
inet monitors this forum closely so i expect them to be posting in this thread pretty soon. 4 days of non-response is far too long especially when they claim to answer emails very speedily and makes up for their non-existent live chat.

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