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Hello all any thoughts just started playing with inetbet sent all my documents and verification form in that's what they asked for this was not for a cash out any words?:)


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If you haven't heard back from them in a couple of days, I would email them again to ask if they were approved.

They only communicate by email, and I must say they have flaws with their email system. If you don't get a response, you could contact the rep here,

I played with Inetbet for many years, and while I feel they are very trustworthy, there are flaws in their email only communication system.


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They kept telling me they have issues with AOL and Googlemail accounts....
so you might want to Email them from an Email other than the two above.
Cause that was the reason I was told my Emails were not answered within a few days time.
Just make sure to incl. your username if the Email you sending from is not the same as used when signing up with them.
Hope that ll work for you.


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In case you got so many issues from the start, why do you even bother to work with them? There are plenty of casinos on there just see the list of the meister....