Inetbet - Your Best Strategie to Play


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May 26, 2006
What is your best way to make money at Inetbet?

Which games prefer you at Inetbet?
I like BJ and the real series slots.

You deposit minimum $5 at Moneybookers or like $10 (Neteller)

Start with BJ.
Play $1, wins, choice after this another game or starting with slots and after this Play BJ or Videopoker?

What about the other games?
Which Videopoker at Inetbet is good to you?

LG tiger2006


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Sep 17, 2006
San Diego
Are you looking for a mathematically viable way to make money, or a lucky way to make money at inetbet?

For math, their recurring bonuses are not overly generous. However, I noticed that they have a 50% table poker coupon, that becomes profitable over the long run as long as you AT LEAST try to double your chipcount before grinding down the wagering requirement.

I just tried two of them, and lost $100 twice.

They also have a 50% slot coupons, but the playthrough is higher, the house edge is worse, and you'd have to be crazy-aggressive with them, which would lead towards tons of busting.


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Oct 31, 2005
still progressing
it s difficult to develop a strategy as long as your bankroll is only 10 - or even less - bets thick.
Your are talking of 5 or 10$ deposits and a 1$bet -
this relation brings it down to a mystery , which is called LUCK.:)


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Jul 19, 2006
NorthWest USA
I play war only if I have 25 or more- as long as I have it on low bet mode(they will adjust if asked) I can usually make 10, 15 bucks as long as I dont shoot for a higher return. I usually get spanked if I do. 5 dollars only gets me one 2 bet if I lose the first bet. Even with 3.00 left it wont let me play again. Last time that happened (with manager bonus) I went over to bj, did 1.00 bets and made it up to 15.00. Should have switched back to war but I didnt and the loss began again. Oh well, thats gambling!:)


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Nov 18, 2006
I just signed up and played with their $10 no deposit to check it out....Played War and turned the $10 into $50..turned to slots and kept dropping until I reached $5...Bet it on one hand of Tri-Card Poker and hit a flush...Took the $25 to try out more slots, came out with nothing again, dropped to $10, played some War, played some TCP again, and BAM, 3rd hand, 345 suited...went from $5 to $205!

According to their T&Cs, the WR on the $10 bonus is 15x and I wagered way past that...I also didn't play any restricted games, so it looks likes I can cash out $100 of the winnings (10xB max) and gamble the rest away, then redeposit the $100 and get their initial deposit bonus :thumbsup: :thumbsup:?

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