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Apr 10, 2005
Just lost 3 deposits into inetbet, $350 worth, $500+ including bonuses.

So many F#$%ing BS dealer hands. Can i request a hand history from them?

I feel its rigged, i know its accredited but seriously, i split 88 3 times not 1 time it got another 10. I dont know how the heck dealer gets 21 and 20's.

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zman said:
I feel its rigged, i know its accredited but seriously, i split 20 3 times not 1 time it got another 10. I dont know how the heck dealer gets 21 and 20's.

Please tell me this is a joke. Please please please please please. :lolup:

If it's not a joke, now you know why you don't split 20.
Here is an excerpt from Casinomeister's news from last week:

29 April 2005

RNG certified by Technical Systems Testing

Turnkey provider Real Time Gaming was celebrating this week following the announcement from Technical Systems Testing (TST), that it has certified RealTime Gaming's Random Number Generator (RNG) to be fair and random.

TST is an internationally recognised accredited testing facility, with a client roster that includes International Game Technology (IGT), Aristocrat, Mikohn and the Michigan, Massachusetts, DC and Ontario Lotteries.

TST's fully independent testing procedures ensure that the software systems and equipment that operate many of today's most reputable gaming destinations are certified to the strictest standards of technical compliance.

Mike McMain, Chief Technology Officer and COO, says RealTime Gaming is pleased to receive TST certification of our software as it solidifies what the millions that enjoy our product have always known RealTime Gaming does take gaming seriously.

The TST Certification letter can be viewed here:
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Hope im not derailing the thread but im sure I also read in CM news that Cryptologic tried to falsify something or other and are in dispute with TST :confused:
I'm a bit disappointed that RTG had to go down that route. The software is pretty much the players' favourite, and with good reason - my own many hundreds of thousands of hands of both table games and video poker suggest a fair game.

Come what may, casinos just adore those rubber stamps.

If Jesus had been an online casino he'd have wanted a stamp on his forehead saying "Certified By God".

If Jesus had been an online casino the players would probably be insisting he be subjected to testing by a higher power LOL (I am trying to keep this light-hearted btw.)

RTG probably thought they were taking a step in the right direction for player approval by having their software tested by an international and independent lab like TST which has been commissioned by people like Alderney btw, yet I suspect all they'll get is the usual criticism that this is not continuous testing / it could have been a show copy that was tested etc etc.
Nothing wrong with RTG putting themselves through a testing lab.

Should be the minimum requirement to put any game for real money online unless the game admits in big bold letters it is not random..
You split 2 eights 3 times without getting a single ten. Didnt mention ace,2 and 3 though. Seriously,though I dont play that much BJ,I do feel that RTG BJ is much more random than crypto or playtech BJ where long losing streaks are much more common.
Hello to all at Casinomeister,


I am sorry your recent play with us was not as you expected.

Whilst I appreciate none of us like to lose at anything we partake in, much less gambling, a losing session does not in all fairness constitute a 'rigged game'.

I cannot comment on your play as you have not contacted support with your concerns, however if you would like to mail me with your Casino PID I will be pleased to send you by return your complete hand history.

As Bryan kindly pointed out RTG have recently undertaken a full system testing and accrediting certification with Technical Systems Testing.

TST are market leaders, specialising in the accreditation of all types of wagering operations, including terrestrial and B & M Casinos, US State lotteries plus many more.

We here at iNetBet feel that this further endorses both RTG and its primary Casino licensees commitment to providing a stress free gaming experience to all our players.

I am certain we all agree that gambling is probably one of the safest ways to create that indefinable adrenalin rush, having fears about the probity of the software is not a welcome consideration.

I know speaking personally as a player my wish list is not rocket science. Number one a fair game, number two, if I win I want to be paid in a timely manner and number three if I have a question or a request, I expect a clear intelligible answer, again in a timely manner.

My very best to all here at the Casinomeisters.

Emily Hanson
Manager iNetBet
I have had some bad runs at Inetbet also. Where you wonder what on earth can be the matter - you get 20, dealer gets 21, everytime, and I would run through my bankroll in no time. But I have had good runs where I just could not lose also. I don't keep records, but I try to keep things fair in my memory, and I am quite assured that it all balances out in the long run.

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