Inetbet Withdrawals?


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Never had a withdrawal thats taken more than a day. I took no bonus and was lucky enough to win a few hundred dollars. It is now the second day and it is still sat there tempting me to withdraw.

Maybe they have stopped processing at weekends and I haven't seen it, if so I apologise. If they do still promise 'within 24 hours 7 days a week' then it has been broken.

In the last couple of days I have had same day payouts from 32Red and RedBet (an hour at he most!!!). Oh and how are the random jackpots going up so high at Inetbet recently.


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it is in fact getting worse with inetbet. I requested withdrawal this week and received email very next morning, asking to fill out verification form, because i used a new card. I send them this info 2 weeks ago and got confirmation that I am good to go and everything had been verified. I responded and forwarded them that email. it took like 5 emails back and forth for them to finally admit that this is what they called "human error" lol.
I find this funny, because this is like third time i hear this term from them. I kindly reminded that when I had 3 "human errors" related to their bonus match, they did not hesitate to decline my withdrawals and remove my winnings. (with of course no response). So, i concluded that only iNetBet allowed to have human errors. But, the best part is they did not even bother to fix the situation and made me wait for withdrawal full 24 hours AFTER their "human error"

To conclude great week experience, iNetBet did not even send me Happy Birthday email today (to daily depositor, and I mean it, daily, multiple times depositor). I am not even talking about any kind of gift, just maybe lame Happy Birthday email that I got even from casinos I haven't played in years.

I am not crying, i am not trying to complain. They pretend they value VIP players, it sure does not look like it. I am thinking to move on and stick to 3dice only. Club world is not an option because of processing times. if only iNetBet had any respect to their players and would listen for once for what player has to say, the casino would be the best. instead, i am always getting:

Hi pobeda,
Thanks for your mail.

I am very sorry that you feel that way.

If you require any further assistance please let me know.
CSR James
iNetBet Premium

Somehow, I think he is not really sorry or the other way to translate this email "who gives a sh it how you feel and what you think"

Happy Birthday to me :)


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I am noticing slowness as well. I few years ago they paid me within a few hours on Christmas day.... looks like times have changed:(


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IMO withdrawals there are so far and few between at RTG that the pending time shouldn't be an issue. Have you tried contacting support they may be able to give you a better indication?


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Paid. Thanks inetbet. On the subject of RTG. In the last 3 weeks i have turned £190 into £1800 the majority of which has come from RTG casinos.


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The last couple of withdrawals I had at iNetBet over the weekend were delayed til Monday. After the first one I contacted them to ask if they were still processing on weekends, they said yes but there was an issue with moneybookers that weekend. Then a few weeks later the same thing...

I don't know what's going on with them lately. I've been playing at iNetBet for years and I'd hate to bin them after all this time, but TBH I'm feeling less and less like a valued customer and more like a pain in the @ss. Or maybe it's just the mood I'm in lately, I dunno.


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Well i'm bonus banned there so play occasionally with no bonus. Won a bit so no chance of return to bonuses for me. I still maintain there is more chance of losing your money playing with bonuses but if you do win they take the bonuses away from you. Go figure