Inetbet.. Stonewalls Complaint


Dormant account
Sep 27, 2009
Lake Elsinore, California
Hi I have noticed more and more problems at Inetbet. Recently I had a RJ not move. I made a $10 deposit (never us e coupons anymore except to try new games) Lost the $10 quick. I was playing my fave game. Then I put another $6 in, and started winning a little, up and down and then got a pretty good bonus game. So i got up a few hundred, and since this game has a high RJ I figured maybe a higher bet would either let me make a good amount or at least have some bonus games.

Well even after my second deposit the game RJ did not appear to move what so ever, I thought maybe it was an update issue on my end. But My fiancee noticed when i started playing the RJ. I did not actually notice it was the same as when I first signed on, he did.

So then I took a screenie which showed about 40 mins of play and hundreds of $$ in wagers and spins.
Not long after I tried raising my bets, since the game was normal, up and down, and I managed to trigger the bonus in a higher bet (which almost never happens) So I got up pretty good on one bonus. Okay so after my cheking of payouts, when I got like a $1.68 pay out on a $0.05 per line bet ($2.25 ttl) which seemed a weird amount, and not ending in 5 or 0 , which I some how caught the payout amount as odd for a bet that was not one cent or even 3 cents per line. But this game to me, seems like when its in auto mode it pays better, so it went by fast. I figured I might be wrong.

Well just about this time the RJ finally starts moving. And it moved from 5 cents durning a spin to in some cases 25 cents in between spins. Again I thought it must be a visual thing. However, with line wins that seemed to come ,the bankroll went down quick and only down.

I was sure I noticed a RJ amount that had increased to the next dollar amount (for example not actual amount here $ 5678.38 and then after leaving game and signing back in the amount went down to $5676.78) The screen shots show the actual amount, but the point is I noticed the dollar amount being lower. SO I took some screen shots and sure enough if i signed into game and did not even spin I saw the RJ increase. I left game and caame back in and the amount was lowered ,I took 4 screenshts of this phenomenon and wrote to support and manager. I asked for the visual history of my first spin and the amount of the RJ at that time. I also asked for play history because I did see a connection from when the RJ started moving to some really small payouts for my increased size of bets, I said I wasnt upset nor was I asking for money, back, but if the history showed any incorrecet pays I may have some money owed, I just wanted to see if I was losing my mind! My history I have no access to so I have no way to checkl my self.

Anyway with 6 screen shots and the unusual RJ number going down, I felt any update issues would maybe cause a lag in an incresase but impossible for a decrease.

The manager wrote back the following:
Dear XXX
We have checked into your game logs and we cannot see any irregularities.
The display of the Random is working fine on other computers and does not effect the payouts in any way.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.
Best regards
CSR Alan
iNetBet Support Team

Not one reference to my screenshots, and quite frankly the history of my play and payout percentages . A slight reference to the RJ being independent of the game pays, however I still feel the pays were very low and the bankroll seemed to spiral down fast. I obviously get the whole "a game cannot pay every time" thing,

But the best example for me to know there was no issue would be to see the RJ amount upon sign into the game and first spin. Then compare it to the 40 mins later with over $250 bankroll. The game did act strange with the increases and decreases. So that is an obvious point, and quite frankly because the history is not shown to me, I cannot take their response as being truthful. Why not just tell me the correct amounts.

Whether or not the amount is correct on some computer some where else, that doesnt explain my signing into the software and the inital update upon entering game. So are they saying its not unusual to have different players see different amounts, and the screen shots that show a decrease are a possibility. This is a progressive type jackpot. So this response is actually a very wrong way to handle any problems. If my pay out percentages changes drastically the knowledge is for myself. I wanted to see if I was right.

This is not the first time Inetbet has ignored play history or other info regarding a problem with a game.

So to me, the casino is sayiny the game was fine, because we said so. When it comes to my money being deposited in good faith this answer is not anything but an attempt to StoneWall. So this problem, which is indeed a potential issue because what if the RJ's in the software are not acting correctly, the fact that I played with an assumption my screen was correct, and no irregularities appear in my history, doesn't make them not true or not present, in fact it could indicate the game is always messed up and its not unusual.
What I do not know though is , what if there really was an issue, what happens then, and how on earth would any player be able to speak with an informed position, if we are unable to verify anything. If a casino was potentially liable for a lot of player money that went in to build a RJ high, if there were known issues, a casino might be open for an entire bees nest of problems.

This idea combined with the lack of evidence or ability to even check and the recent complaints , simply is not good enough customer service. To me its becoming beyond a suspicion.

Am I wrong? Should a player be entitled to the evidence a casino claims they have to quash a valid complaint that may indeed reveal some real possible issues.

Honestly , had the recent number of complaints not caused me to take notice, and the amount of information that was not returned to me, and the completely inappropriate response, that the soft works fine on other computers , what the heck does that show. I would imagine they arrived at this conclusion by either seeing who else was playing or by their visual historical data, but I do not feel this shows anything. Besides The initial RJ amount when I signed in would be the best way to show my side simply had errors, all they had to do was say, on the first spin the RJ amount was $XXXX then when the 1st screenshot was taken , my screen showed $XXXx but the actual amount at that time was $XXXX.

I can offer the screen shots , but It still wont tell the sign in and beginning RJ amount, because I did nopt anticipate any issues.

Thoughts anyone?

Jeepers my list of trusted casinos is dwindling fast. It isnt entertaining to have to constantly battle rules that change and take away from the entertainment that we pay for, these problems remove the element of entertainment which to me means we are not receiving any full value for the money we spend, that is usually a valid complaint .