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Nov 7, 2012
So first things first ... Sometime in 2019 I played a freechip at inetbet, and got to the max withdrawal. However at the time I could not verify myself due to not having proof of address (I was technically homeless .. I did live somewhere, but not officially), so I just let the cash sit there. In February 2020, I got an email from iNetBet stating I had a $5 birthday chip in my account so I went to check on it and saw that my previous balance of $100 had mysteriously disappeared. I contacted the rep of iNetBet then, and they said unused balance gets wiped after some time of inactivity. In our correspondence already then, I expressed that I couldn't verify myself. The rep saw no issue there, and restored my balance.

Fast forward into June; I send in the required documents. The support responds fast, but wants more proof. I send this proof too. Then suddenly I am informed that because I did not send my documents within SEVEN DAYS of when they were requested, my winnings are now voided and my verification cannot be completed. We sent couple more emails back and forth but got nowhere and then they stopped responding. I sent a PM to the rep, who also does not respond.. hence this thread.

Couple points i'd like to highlight here:

- When I was already well past the supposed timeline for verification and during our correspondence I made it clear I couldn't complete verification at the time, why did the rep still restore my balance and not inform me that verification and cashout was impossible? Why did the support ask me for more documents if they weren't going to accept them in the first place?

- And .. seven days for verification? What the actual f? That seems really unreasonable. Even if I had all the documents in hand back then, it would've likely taken me over a week to submit them nonetheless, as I do not have a printer and RTG casinos require a form to be printed out, filled and signed. This rule seems like a trap if anything.

And yes, this thread is late. I should've posted this already in June but I kinda hoped the rep would eventually respond ... Clearly, they won't.

Note that I posted this as a non-bonus complaint because my major complaint now is the fact that they refuse to verify me. Once I passed the seven days, it became apparently impossible to verify or play at this casino. The free $100 was won so long ago, that I wouldn't be upset if I didn't get paid (though I feel like I should), but the fact that I cannot be verified means that I cannot play here and the trustworthy RTG casinos that still exist can be counted with one hand ..

Incidentally, iNetBet still continues to send me emails "You have unused balance in your account" which are just like rubbing salt to the wound ...

Opinions? Thoughts? Perhaps the rep would like to say something since you're playing the silent game in the PM's? @Steven Dawson
Hello @chiya,

Following on from our PM conversation we had earlier in the year, you contacted myself back in March 2020 stating that winnings you had from a manager bonus back in February 2019 had been removed from your account.

These winnings were removed, as you stated due to inactivity on the account of just over a year. Once you contacted me via PM I spoke to the relevant managers/directors and we recredited back the $100 to your account. (Please note only $50 of this amount is withdrawable as the funds were won from a $5 manager bonus which carries a 10x max cash out.)

After long periods of inactivity we zero player balances to ensure our affiliates are compensated fairly. Upon your request we of course re-instated the balance on March 3rd 2020. You did then not attempt to verify your account for more than three further months, we received your documents on June 20th 2020. The rules, which you agreed to, state that account verification must be completed promptly. As such, after you didn't attempt to verify your account for a further three months (15 months in total after the winnings were first won,) your account was closed.

Obviously as a member of the Casinomeister forum if you disagree with our decision and my subsequent response you have other options available to you which we will, as always, fully co-operate with.

Kindest regards,
Kindest regards,


But why didn't you tell me this when I contacted you about the balance? Why did you reinstate the balance when already it was impossible for me to verify myself? Why didn't you tell me about it then?

Not to mention the fact that you didn't respond to me afterwards in pms at all.

As I mentioned it was impossible for me to verify myself due to not having proof of address. What would you have me do? Forge it?

And as I mentioned the winnings here aren't a big deal. I'm not going to send a pab over measly $50. What I find ridiculous is what you refuse to verify me based on this bogus rule and as such I cannot play with you ever again.

The rule is nonsensical because you do not request documents from players who do not attempt a withdrawal. Meaning had I not attempted the withdrawal of the 50 initially, we never would've had this problem and you'd happily have accepted my documents on June. What is the difference in these two scenarios? Why does it matter that I attempted a withdrawal? Why do you expect that someone is able to provide all documents in seven days?

Also I shouldn't need to tell you what happened on March. That's basically when we went on lockdown. Verifying myself was the last thing on my mind. It's mind-boggling that even amidst a world crisis a casino cannot show any leniency.
Hi @chiya,

If the documents had been sent in promptly after the balance was reinstated in March we would have accepted them. In your PMs to myself you stated that you would get the documents ready so you knew that this was a requirement.

In regards to your PM, I have noticed that I missed one message in June, I was taking some time off during this time so I apologise for missing it, I would always advise contacting out CS team with any queries if no response on here, due to holidays, illness etc. that may occur.



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