inetbet Keno doesnt pay right


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Dec 2, 2006
miami fl
Hi everybody.
After several deposits and thousands of spins at inetebet Keno, I noticed that something was wrong.
I usually play ten numbers at $0.25 bet at theyr KENO.
Last night I was playng as usual.........when I hit 6 out of 10,which pays 25x.
Well I only got paid $3.75.
Immediately I e-mailed the support .I thought maybe Is a mistake.
At this point though, Im really checkin that the payouts are right.
Couple minutes later I hit 7 out 10, which pays 150x.....well I only got paid $28 .......I should have received $37,50.
Once again I e-mailed the customer support.
Couple hours later no answers, so I PM the CR here on the Forum, so far nothing from both partyes.
This matter is making me worried.
Ive been playng Keno for couple of weeks now, with thosands of spins.
Keno is a game were is not easy to win...........with this "modus operandi"
How do I go about?
Thanks in advance for all suggestions you guys might give me.

You were informed immediately by support that this query has been sent to the RTG software team for their investigation.

As soon as we recive the result of their findings we will contact you.

Thank you for your patience.

Emily Hanson
Thanks Emily for your prompt reply.
Let me say I didnt receive ANY answer to my e-mails from your support.
Hope it will all clear as soon as possible.
I want to publicly apologyes.
They proved I was wrong.
I want them to know that there was no bad fait thou.

P.S. I was so dam Emily,Sorry again.

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