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Feb 25, 2010
I have trouble organizing my thought into writing so I would like to apologize in advance for any poor writing skills/readability. TLDR is located at bottom.

My first ever withdrawal confiscation was using a Manager Bonus to play tourneys. My fault entirely, for missing the obvious terms on the totally not hidden Slots Tournament page. Never had an issue before, literally the first casino I played at when I started back in 2010. Then another declined withdrawal that felt not as clear cut, convoluted by conflicting information.

This 2nd confiscation was for breaking max bet rule with comp points. I understand bonus rules exist to protect US***, but iNetbet’s audit team seems to be super nitpicky when enforcing the “AH-HAH Gotcha” terms. So I in turn, just wanted to make a few nitpicky suggestions to save iNetBet some trouble moving forward. But mainly to provide information to my fellow players to interpret however they want. Feel free to you respond, whether you agree or disagree, I am open to all forms of criticism, ideas, and thoughts.

Issues/Suggestions [Terms labeled A through D are below for reference]
1) On the comp program page you are greeted with statement (A), which makes perfect sense. Cool, so nothing more to think about since all other RTGs I have played at, COMP POINTS = REAL MONEY.
• Adding a nice little asterisk to REAL MONEY* to explain away any conflicting ideas of what comp points actually are, *COMP POINTS = BONUS.​

2) When does the free chip terms (B) end? After completing wagering? cashout? Busting? Should I just assume the terms regarding deposit bonuses (C) supersedes it?
• But my assumption of what comp points are led to these issues. If only live chat was available at strange hours of the day, darn my impatience to not wait the reasonable 24hour email reply time.​

3) I take it the word “comp” (D) here includes comp points? All the other examples explicitly listed are technically comps too, so maybe “comp points” should be included to reduce confusion.
• Perhaps add a line to the comp program terms page, or only add it there if you want it to follow the theme of the cleverly hidden slot tourney rules. (This suggestion is different from number 1 as there is a comp redemption page and a comp terms page)​

A) All games at iNetBet accrue comp points. So every bet you place earns you comp points. These can then be converted into REAL MONEY at any time.

B) During bonus play players bet may not be or exceed 25% free chip given - If this is the case play will be void.

C) During any bonus play players bet may not be or exceed 25% of deposited funds - If this is the case play will be void. Bonus play is active as long as the bonus funds remain in the account balance regardless of the wagering requirement.

D) Free Monies: Any free money given, that does not require a deposit, e.g. a Non-Deposit Coupon, loyalty bonus, comps, VIP bonus, vanity card, manager deposit, competition/tournament prizes, compensation bonus, inconvenience bonus, birthday bonus etc.

***US in this context represents the Casino, not the Player, because that would make no sense. Spelling it out clearly is fair because not everyone has the same level of understanding. (See what I did there :p, also play is VOID VOID VOID :xxx /humor)

1) Comp Points = REAL MONEY
2) Psyche! They don’t !
3) Comp Points = Bonus
4) Max Bet Rule
5) Muahaha Sucka!

I pmed the rep of my issues previously, message shows read, no acknowledgement. A simple "I'm looking into it" or a "GTFO, we don't like you" would have sufficed. So unsure whether to PM again, don't want to feel spammy.:confused:


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Feb 25, 2010
More Shenanigans FYI

I haven't deposited here since my last post :thumbsup: but I do occasionally deposit at their sister casino, Kudos Casino. In my opinion, just a slightly above average RTG but no bonus nonsenses etc.

However, they probably share the same processor. Let's be real, this isn't currency conversion differences, you or your processors are skimming deposits.

At the time of posting this, BTC prices from 3 different sources don't even vary that much.
XE - 1 BTC = $4,356.35
Coinbase - 1 BTC = $4,357.80
Blockchain - 1 BTC = $4,358.62

So depositing $20 bucks averages to around 0.00458~ BTC..... where does the 0.00527~ BTC figure come from?

Before you say the difference is a fee to account for the currency fluctuation, at most this adjustment is 5%, not a whopping 12+% in the case of a $20 deposit. I can also see that the fee remains a constant amount if say depositing $50, the fee is still the same $3~ dollars. So definitely not a percentage rounding issue/calculation error.

I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS, if the deposit was credited instantly. But it's not, it's credited after confirmation, so there is literally no excuse for this extra fee. If the fee is for currency fluctuation, credit casino account instantly then, you have made up for potential price differences. As it stands, you are skimming deposits.

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Feb 25, 2010
@ stevohhh : casino requested that the screenies of their accounts and processing pages be removed. I saw no particular reason for them so honoured their request. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Not a problem Maxd, was just showing the exchange rates.