Inetbet disappointed that I'm not depositing


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Does anyone else think this Birthday email is rude?

I do, but only the part about them being disappointed that I'm not depositing.

Are they really disappointed that I'm not depositing??? Is this keeping them up at night? :rolleyes:



I hope this mail finds you well.

We were reviewing your account for a birthday bonus and were disappointed to see that you have not made a deposit in the Casino for a number of weeks. We do hope this is not the result of any dissatisfaction or any problems you may be having? If so we would really appreciate your feedback.

We are aware that many of our players are having problems making deposits. There are many options and alternatives for players who are struggling with their various deposits methods. If you require any assistance please feel free to ask.

We would like to wish you a very happy birthday, if you could mail us back with a little feedback we will be sure to apply your birthday bonus!

If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know.


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I wouldn't say rude, but very, very tacky. Can't they just wish you a happy birthday and be done with it? Do they really feel the need to drive in the fact that you haven't been playing there recently, or couldn't they at least send a "we miss you" email sometime after the fact? :rolleyes:


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First of all, Happy Birthday!!!.....secondly how about an email that says Happy Birthday..we miss you and here is $50 (no strings attached):D That would make me happy!


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The whole INetBet birthday bonus still irks me when I had to ask for mine and was told they didn't have a birthday bonus.:mad:

But others have mentioned it time and time again.


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Don't feel bad...I don't consider it a "Birthday Bonus" when you have playthrough AND a max cashout. I consider it more WORK:(


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My birthday is this Sunday. I wonder what they might say to me? I have never deposited, although I was going to recently, but I had to wait for crappy service from email support and in the meantime I went and deposited elsewhere. I may deposit there eventually, but every time I think about it I normally find a much better bonus elsewhere.

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If Inetbet had better bonuses I would play there. The fact is they don't.

Unfortunately in the casino business if you cannot compete you lose market share and go out of business. I feel this is Inetbets fate.


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I normally visit Inetbet when I have only about $10 in my neteller account and use a 100% slot bonus, or if I have about $20 I do the same if I don't have time to find a better coupon.

I don't really like casinos keeping tabs on me, and being disappointed if I don't deposit, It comes over to me as pressure to deposit. They picked the wrong day for that!

BTW, this was my reply to that email, and they surely didn't credit me a bonus.

Hi, don't be disappointed if a player doesn't deposit, that's extremely rude, birthday or not. There is to many casinos online these days


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What I find rude is that they want your opinion of how they are doing before they credit you your birthday "gift". Thats not really a gift at all, more like filling out a feedback questionaire, and getting a comp in return.

Imagine your mom telling you, "Hey, I have a nice birthday present for you, but tell me how im doing as a parent first"