Bitch and Moan inetbet casino


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Mar 10, 2011
hey guys

has anyone got in contact with inetbet today i made a withdrawal over 24hrs ago and i email the manager and the support but i havent got a reply from them
i know everythings fine with my account as it was only updated and verifyed for the second time this month also every withdrawal i have made i have had to contact the manager or support to get it processed after the 24hrs is up and im getting sick of it i have read on here and other forums people have got there withdrawal in 2/12 hours but i never get that
and in there most recent processer update the manager said they were doing withdrawals in under 12hrs
i withdraw to my neteller account second withdrawal to it
dont get me wrong i know they will pay me but im just pissed it never happens my way

cheers guys i feel much better now lol


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Jan 20, 2004
Sounds more like a general grumble than an actual complaint, no?

Thread prefix changed from "Casino Complaint" to "Bitch and Moan". Let me know if you feel strongly that this isn't appropriate.