inetbet casino still real time gaming?


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Mar 11, 2005
Been a long time since I have played at any online casinos. Anybody know if Inetbet is still Real time gaming? And how are they these days? Any problems??? Please let me know thanks :D


Been a long time since I have played at any online casinos. Anybody know if Inetbet is still Real time gaming? And how are they these days? Any problems??? Please let me know thanks

Wow, a blast from the past! :) Great to have you back in the fold "Tdoggy"!

"iNetBet" is still with "RTG".


Just my two cents ...

Recently got a $5 bonus in my account as part of their bonus program. Decided I'd blow through it on "Realm of Riches" at 20 cents a spin (their lowest coin value), but I guess it was a lucky day.

Played well over their WR since I wasn't keeping track initially because I thought I'd just lose the $5. Got as high as ~$55 and ended up ~$45 after I started keeping track.

Was very pleasantly surprised to see the $45 withdrawal in my NETeller account within one day and on a Sunday to boot, especially since I made the withdrawal on a Saturday.

Good on ya, inetbet! :thumbsup:
I recently joined inetBet and was pleasantly surprised by the software. There is actually life outside MG. :D

Im just having a couple of problems with the software. I have downloaded it, but there is no shortcut and it does not even appear in my program list in the start menu. So I have to manually search for it in my C drive. Weird :what:

Secondly, my real account name/number and password is correct (I double checked with their CS) but it still says invalid password when I try to log in.

If I can be bothered, I might contact CS again.

Otherwise, they look like a pretty good operation.
Inetbet is a class act. I've never had a problem with them. They also have a very nice comp system and their support team is fast and trustworthy. All of my cashouts have hit Neteller in under 24 hours.
I've always thought they were great, until I suddenly realised the other day I don't think I've ever made a cashout :eek2:

Weirdly, they've stopped letting me deposit too... I think it's because I've never offered any ID or anything... Mind you, depositing a fair few thousand dollars without taking anything out - Id've thunk they'd be more than happy to have me back!!!

Ho hum...
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the nice comments. I would however like to get both cheekymonkey and Slotster's problems addressed.
If both of you could please pm me with your usernames I will look into these for you. Alternatively you can drop CS a mail. These issues sound like they can be remedied easily enough.
If anybody else has anything they need looking into, please follow the same route and we can find a resolution for you.
Best Regards
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Hey there - it's not meant to be a complaint/problem by any means, apologies if it came across like that! It's just probably a security thing. A few months ago, it stopped me depositing saying I'd need to provide ID or something... I couldn't be bothered looking into it and just left it at that. Something entirely legitimate I'm sure, just my fault for not being bothered to chase it up...

These days, at the *slightest* hiccup, upset or problem - I go back to 32RED or Roxy Palace... I've said it a million times on this board, there's just no need for any online player to jump through hoops any more - when there's outfits out there that just make it all so simple and easy!

FYI I'll send you my username Inetbet. It's fair play of you to be interested and respond on here!

A23456789TJQK said:
the online casino that offer trash bonus that gives the player a negative expectation

What do you mean?
No one forces you to take a bonus.
And your expectation is made between your ears, nowhere else.
a positive attitude is - simply enough - needed, to take gambling as entertainment. We have no right to win everytime. But we do have the right to have the maximum fun, we allow ourselves.
Hopefully my english is a "undersdtandable"

all the best
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Well iNetBet is my favorite place to play.I've never had a problem there.The cashout's are are always less than 24 hrs. and the C.S in real quick and very nice.iNetBet is the only RTG i would play.....

Just a heads up that there is another User Group that one can join at Casinomeister. It's "Less than Zero".

LOL....I never noticed that one before...
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I read your complaint in another thread Mardeco. You should PM the rep here, Inetbet Promos, or the manager, Emily Hanson. Also, for a $50 withdrawal, you are going to need an ewallet, in your case probably QuickTender. Inetbet (or very few other casinos) are going to send an overnight express cheque for $50. I'm not even sure if Inetbet does cheques anymore, or overnight express. Isn't there an issue with this with ClubWorld as well guys? Or there was. I also believe the minimum withdrawal for a wire transfer is $200 or something like that.

Hopefully another player from the US can advise you, as I'm just going by what I've read. But I am pretty sure you are going to need QuickTender/UseMyWallet. Best of luck.

EDITED: I agree that Inetbet really needs to get live chat or phone support, or both.
what in the world is it these past two months....everyone seems to love digging up 2-3 year old threads....:rolleyes:

We need one of those "working groups" governments are so fond of, and study what it is that causes a whole bunch of very old threads to kick back into life.

It must be pretty damn hard to even dig them up in the first place, so maybe there is a trick to this, such as a search, and this displays relevant POSTS, but gives no indication as to WHEN the thread finally died.

It is likely that those who resurrect the threads simply reply with their own view, and assume that a thread is a thread, and do not think to have a close look at the date stamp on it.

When simply browsing for the latest gossip, you just don't see these old threads UNTIL someone raises them from the dead, and they then end up with a new lease of life, with the fact it is an old thread quickly forgotten.

I am sure I mentioned this before, but does vBulletin have a function where threads that have not had a new post added for some lenth of time can be closed. This would FORCE a new thread to be started should the subject matter need revisiting. If not, could Vortran do it;)

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