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Oct 18, 2003
Ok I am doing a simple test here.

I got the 10.00 no deposit required bonus at inetbet casino. It uses rtg software, so I was a little concerned. But, hell you can't beat the price.

I played the required rollover, which is 15x 10.00 (150.00) I got it up to 37.50 and just cashed out 35.00. I requested in the cashier that it be sent to my prepaid atm account, for which I gave the account number.

Let's see, as a test how this all works out.

Who knows, maybe tommorow I will get the money we shall see...

I shall keep this thread updated on the progress.

Should be interesting... :)

Why was it necessary to post in "casino complaints"? - it sets off alarm bells quite unjustifiably for a good casino. And, do you think that a positive outcome will be news to anybody? I've received much, much larger cashins from iNetBet within their stated timescale. I think they can muster 35 bucks without a prod from Casinomeister.
pokermaven, inetbet casino pays me 4 figures in less than 24 hours every time i withdrawal. They are one of the best casinos overall. Please change your posting title. You making it seem they did you wrong.
I didnt make it like they did something wrong. I simply said it is a cashout test.

I frankly have never heard of them before.
Although I am done with RTG's I must say when I cashed out $4100 from them about 2 months ago to PPATM I had it in about 12 hours, your $35 will not bust them. The only minus is that PPATM seems to be having issues with their CC processor which is causing a crunch on cashouts since noone is depositing by PPATM it is causing issues with cashouts by this method. If it takes longer then normal it is simply because of this, I am sure Inetbet has plenty of cash on hand to cover such a small cashout.

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