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Seeing this thread made me decide to revisit a problem I have with Inet going back a few months. Can the forum members weigh in here and also do you think I should do a PAB? I know I've waited some time but I've been a bit sick (I'm 83 years old) and I didn't think a few months was that long to lodge a complaint. I first tried to resolve via email and then IM to Emily. The bottom line is that I played exactly 25% of the deposit and they are saying the bonus rule said (it says it now) the wager cannot "be or exceed" 25%. I am not even sure this rule was posted on the day that I played (maybe someone can get a screenshot of the page) and even if it were, I believe this is a very devious rule as on the "current offers" that day the rule said (I have screenshots) that the max wager "could not exceed" 25% and changing from "exceed" to "be or exceed" on one page and not on the others is very tricky and unbecoming of an honorable casino. Below is what I wrote to Emily. Please help me convince Inet that their behavior is not fair and that I should be paid. I was such a good customer of InetBet that I even was asked to write a testimonial about a recent win for their website. PS: I played in this exact manner a month before, made a cashout, and was paid. The point being that (they claim) they changed to "be or exceed" from "exceed" and I can prove it said "exceed" on current offers. Please help and advise. If the majority think I am wrong, please let me know and I'll drop the issue completely.

Hello Inet Representative,

I'm very hopeful you can clear up what has been a very disturbing experience for me at your casino. On Dec 21, I deposited $80 for the Saturday daily bonus, played $20 per spin, and met the playthrough rollover requirement with a balance of $2600 and withdrew. Much to my dismay, this cashout was disallowed and the winnings confiscated because I was informed that I had broken (or actually tied) the maximum wager rule that said wagers "cannot BE OR exceed 25% of the deposit."

Well, I have a problem with this for the following reason. On the game server where this rule is said to have been written, there had never previously been a maximum wager listed (in fact, a month or so prior, I played this exact strategy and was paid in full). I looked that day and didn't see it either (maybe I missed it). However, because no maximum wager was ever listed on this page previously, I referred to the website for direction. On the website there are rules for "signup" bonus and for "current offers." The "current offers" rules clearly stated on that day (I have a screenshot) "cannot EXCEED 25% of the deposit" (which my play did not). This has been subsequently changed but that was the rule when I played on that day. When I inquired with support, they told me those rules don't apply.

I believe this is unfair for two reasons. Because no percentage showed on the daily promos, it's not unreasonable for me to look at current offers (either an offer is current or signup) as a guide. Furthermore, even if the daily promos were updated as of that date (and I'm not sure of this, as I did not see it and was only told of this days later), I believe it's absurd for some bonuses to be "BE OR EXCEED" while others are "EXCEED." This seems like a trap to me that an accredited casino like InetBet does not want to be associated with.

I am 82 years old and do the best I can. I have been a good customer of InetBet and even wrote a testimonial about my winnings a few months ago. I would very much like you to reconsider your position and do the right thing and pay my balance in full.

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You should have started your own thread really but maybe a moderator can move it.

I agree with you completly. This is a rule that will trap many players and I've never seen it anywhere before.
I don't mean the max bet part but but the fact you can't even play 25% of the bonus.

If that is the truth they should of course change the rule to say 24%.
Bad Inetbet and yes you should PAB.


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I just checked the iNetBet site, and right now on the Promotions Page it clearly says:
"All bonuses: One bonus per player / household (location) and computer. Unless otherwise stated, promotions cannot be combined. Offer does not apply to Craps, Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat and all Multi Player Games. Any play / winnings gained on these games will result in all winnings be void. Unless otherwise stated all System wide progressives are blocked from bonus play. Any play / winnings gained on these games will result in all winnings be void. During bonus play players bet may not exceed 25% of deposited funds - If this is the case play will be void."

And the General T&Cs say:
"Free Monies: Any free money given, that does not require a deposit, e.g. a Non-Deposit Coupon, loyalty bonus, comps, VIP bonus, vanity card, manager deposit, competition/tournament prizes, compensation bonus, inconvenience bonus, birthday bonus etc. (unless otherwise stated) will have a maximum cash out of 10x the bonus given e.g. $50 given max cash out = $500. Excess winnings will be removed. Monies must be turned over at least 15x (unless otherwise stated) before any cash out can be made. During bonus play players bet may not be or exceed 25% free chip given - If this is the case play will be void. Aside from new player free chip offer, any free chips will require players to have made a deposit in a prior period of time. Please check individual promotional rules for full details."

So that is crystal clear - with a Match Bonus you CAN bet 25%, but with a Free Chip you CANNOT bet 25%.
The OP said it was a Deposit Match Bonus - therefore the casino is WRONG!
Pitch-A-Bitch! :thumbsup:

Very confusing and unnecessary terms IMO - would be much simpler for EVERYONE if the terms were the same.

Nonetheless, here we have yet another example if iNetBet "nit-picking" - can anyone imagine the likes of 32Red, Betat, Guts, Video Slots, or the like using such a marginal rule to deny winnings? I'm VERY disappointed to see iNetBet taking this stance yet again... :(



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Thanks for support

Thanks for the notes of support. I have read the rules for a PAB, so as I'm going to do that, I'll refrain from anymore posts on the subject as per the rules. I'll wait a day or so and maybe Emily will contact me again (I see that she has seen this thread). If not, I'll PAB as suggested and hope for the best. Thanks again.