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I'd like to thank Inetbet too! Thanks a lot for the gift :thumbsup:



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$50 - with $1000 playthrough and max withdraw of $250.
After my unbelievably shocking run at Inet lately, I'm kinda insulted.

Trust me, they have been WELL supported by me 'stupidly' with hardly any playtime what so ever per deposit.
The nagging belief that my bad streak must of ended by now never eventuated.
I rarely take bonus offers due to playthrough requirements and the thought of my screen turning all pretty with fireworks and not being able to claim that cherished, long awaited 'RJ' due to max cashouts would be just too devestating. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

That being said I still claimed it, found a low RJ and whacked it through as quick as nellie, just to be rid of it. 2 bucks a spin and 3 minutes later it's over.

Now that I've had my little vent,
I would like to wish everyone on this great forum a fantastic Christmas and may 2010 bring a pretty 'firwork screen' to you all :)



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I got a little bonus, and I got to play and hope for a bit. Thank you Inetbet.


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Thanks from me too iNetBet - didn't get anywhere with it but appreciate it anyhow!


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I had a nice run with it to..up to 242.00 before it went completely dead. I did claim 5.00 in comp points so who knows...anyways it was very much appreciated because I'm not depositing until the new year which I hope brings better luck.

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You are all most Welcome.

Any depositing player who has not already done so please do check our
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promotion. There is a Christmas Free Gift hidden in there somewhere :)

On behalf of the iNetBet team may I wish everyone a happy and safe holidays.

Best Regards
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Inetbet Xmas Bonus

In regards to the post from inetbet, are you saying there is a christmas bonus hidden in addition to the 12 boxes to click for the 12 days of christmas?

I could only find the free $10 coupon for 12 Drummers Drumming. and also the $9 from the first week.

I did not see any other xmas no deposit bonus coupons anywhere. Did I miss something?


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Hi alabama5150,

Yes those were the ones I was referring to.

Happy Christmas everyone :)


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Don't you have to of made a deposit in the last 6 months?

Last time I made a deposit it was like 8 months, I gave up on RTG long time ago. Every now and then is ok...


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i thank them too. though i haven't played as much recently in inet as much as other rtg's they are the only one who gave a gift . thanks again for the token of appreciation !!


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I would say between inetbet and titan there the most generous. Even though I win off both of them regularly they still gave me a free chip. So I was rather surprised.
Thank you to both casinos.


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I have read that alot of peopel have been getting ND bonuses from Inetbet and I was just wondering HOW much does these people deposit?
I think I have been pretty loyal to inetbet over the yar, however I didnt even get an email saying merry xmas =(
Well, the gift itself is not really the issue, I just like it to get a "personalised message" so that I know that they atleast value me as a costumer...
Anyways, I still like RTG and Inet is the obly site i play at =)


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I'm almost a bare bones depositing customer. Even though I must say I deposit at least around $100+ each week. So I'd say at least $400 a month. Sometimes the bonus are big and others are rather small. I guess it just varies on how much play I've gotten over the month too.