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Feb 7, 2004
has anyone any expirense with indio casino - unfortunely i have only bad ones - if you are in the same boat - mayby we could share our misfortune

Casinomeister News (Casino Cautions) two weeks back:

Slow pay

Be careful around Indio, powered by Futurebet. Reports have been coming in over the past few weeks of slowpaying, which the CSRs at this operation have been blaming on an unspecified "software glitch"
This was covered in last week's webcast as well.

I have been deeply involved in this one. I have a number of complaints from players of this casino that the CEO of Futurebet is looking in to. A number of these complaints are in the 4 figures $$$. I should have an answer in the next couple of days on how these players will be paid.

The operators of Indio casino have been less than truthful with me and the players. They are on record as stating that they had "a software glitch" during the Christmas break that caused delayed payouts. They aslo stated that Futurebet was aware of this. When I spoke with Futurebet's CEO over the phone, he stated that they had no idea about any "glitch", and that he would personally look into this case.

Last week the operator of the casino told me that most of the players were being paid, but not one of the ones that I had forwarded to him had been.

I figure it's a cash flow problem.

My bullshit detector is on high with this one.

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