Incorrect terms at Betat regarding bonus wagering


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Aug 20, 2013
In December 2017 I was playing at Betat and while wagering a bonus I noticed that Bloodsuckers II was only giving 50% progress towards bonus wagering despite the website's terms only listing "Bloodsuckers" in their 50% games list. I contacted support via live chat and they at first told me they're the same game and thus covered by the terms. I told the agent that they are not the same game and they eventually agreed that it could be seen as confusing and escalated the issue. The next day I received an email response from another Betat employee saying "As per our T&C's Bloodsuckers counts only towards 50% of the wagering and this includes both versions since it's the same game." They also gave me the option to reset the my wagering and balance to a state before playing the game.

I felt that was not acceptable and messaged the casino rep here at CM. The next day I received a response saying they had manually adjusted the wagering in a way that it would have gone if the game counted as 100% and I was free to withdraw my balance. I was glad it got solved but I also felt a little uneasy about the whole thing because I felt I would have not received this outcome had I not known to contact the casino rep on a forum. However I expected them to correct this either in the terms listing the game at 50% or having it contribute 100% and put the whole thing behind me.

A couple of days ago I was again playing at Betat wagering a free spins bonus and decided to check if anything had been done about the issue. To my dismay I noticed that the game was still contributing 50% and the t&c had not been changed. I pm'd the rep again at first adding a new post to our old conversation and the next day after having not received an answer I made a new conversation restating issue. Sadly I have received no reply even though I see the rep has been active on the forums in the past few days.

I don't think the argument of them being the same game holds any weight and that there is no ambiguity about it. If we were talking about for example Flowers and Flowers Christmas edition then I think it would be understandable to consider them as the same game and not have them listed separately. However these Bloodsuckers slots have different rtp, different paytables as well as a changed bonus game and two new on reels features in the newer game. In their terms they have also separately listed "Break da Bank" and "Break da Bank Again".

Obviously I would have no problem if the game was listed as contributing 50% but I don't understand why nothing was done even after I brought this to their attention.

EDIT: I have just re-checked the terms at Betat and I now see "Blood suckers II" at the bottom of the list in the N/A section. I'm quite sure it wasn't there before as a couple of days ago the game was contributing 50% to my bonus wagering progress bar. It seems like after I contacted the rep they have updated the terms in this way and decided to not reply to me. The only previous snapshot of the terms page I was able to find with Wayback machine is from 15th of November in 2017 where it was not listed. If anyone is able to find a more recent snapshot of the page that would be appreciated.
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