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Jun 5, 2004
I deposited $100 because I heard they had a standard match bonus, and that blackjack was allowed to clear bonus. However, as soon as I did the real money transfer I was unable to logon. In fact, even trying every variation possible in case I wrote the info down wrong, I haven't ever actually logged onto my account. I tried the intr'l phone # a couple times, but there was no answer, and I don't want to rack up $50 in phone calls anyway. I have sent three seperate emails asking them why I can't log on, and haven't even had a "we got your email" courtesy response, let alone an answer to my question.

I see now that they are on the "not recomended" list, should I start worrying? Does anyone have a toll free # I can try to reach them at? This have been going on for a little more than a week.

First of all, if you ever manage to log in, don't play there! The blackjack is almost certainly rigged. I think I estimated a 95% payback so this is more than enough to nullify the bonus.

They use the same software as which disappeared last year owing people money. My results there were around 1 in 50,000 chance over several sessions and many people had similar results! I warned people about them too before this happened but this didn't stop having Incash on his entrance/splash page for a few months! Even now, his 'Featured Casino for July' is not without problems it seems: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Still haven't gotten anywhere. After about 2 dozen tries to get them on the horn, I got through twice and they said no one is there who can help. Now I just called and they said they'll call me back....I'm not exactly holding my breathe.

You're right, I'll be pulling my deposit as soon (if ever) as they give me the honor of accessing my own account. Stay away. No one needs headaches like this. Feels like a Casino 1x2 experience (the worst gaming experience of my life) brewing.
Well they finally called me back, and then assured me that an email would be sent with various instructions for how to log in. Of course, nothing it said was helpful, and indeed I had been intering in my user and PIN exactly right, so it isn't an error on their end.

Having gotten nowhere I decided to just ask that they manual pull my account (remember, I can't access it myself) and just send my original $100 back to Neteller. I simply am not going to put another week of hassles and expensive phone calls into this thing. To their credit they did respond that they would be fine with doing this (I expected an FU email truthfully).... so unless I come back cursing them soundly, assume that they eventually paid up.

I goes without saying, don't play here unless you are a glutton for punishment. I never even saw what their blackjack tables look like.
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Lost everything way before hitting wagering requirements playing perfect strategy flat betting $2 a hand. Like most on-line casinos nowadays dealer seldom busted using 3, 4 and 5 card totals to beat me. I always busted going for a 3'rd card. Dealer advantage turned into 10%.
I'd be interested to know what the account numbers of the recent players there are because it gives an idea of the number of players (the number at the end of the username goes up by 2 each time someone registers). By the time closed, they had scammed many thousands of players. I wouldn't be surprised if Incash goes a similar way as there are many similarities excluding the software. I don't think the casino is even licensed anymore because was operating towards the end with an expired license.

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