Incapability and Pure Lies of Starluck Customer Support


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Sep 30, 2003
I never used such a title in one of my previous posts.
I ll try to be a short as it gets.

The facts :

1.) I want to refer a friend of mine in Starluck.
2.) Planetluck's and Starluck's tell-a-friend form in their sites does NOT work for hotmail addresses (check it for yourself...)
3.) My friend holds an email address in hotmail.

The past :

I refered the same person a few days ago in Planetluck casino. After contacting ezecash (apparently the account's department of the casino) I explain them the situation with the hotmail addresses and the told me to address my friend directly to the casino site, tell him to create an account and after that contact them in order to credit the advertised refer friend bonus in our accounts.

Justification of Customer Support's Incapability :

What i did in Starluck casino was the following : I filled in the form in their site and refered my friend and another @gmail address (that is mine) for testing purposes. Again, the email was delivered in gmail but not in hotmail. After contacting the casino customer support it took me no more than 5 emails in a period of 3-4 hours to make them understand the problem with hotmail. I know english is not my first language but i guess that everyone understands what i want to say. After sending an email not so polite, they finally decided to READ what i wrote to them and told me to tell my friend to go directly in their site and download the software, register an account and contact them again to credit the bonus. What i did then was to give my friend the link that existed in the email sent in my gmail. Apparently this link is connected to my account and all refered players from this link are mine. I did this in order to avoid the confusion with all these emails and the bonus to be credited automatically in our accounts.

Justification of Pure Lies :

After the 5 emails, my friend who was waiting for my positive signal to create an account followed the steps i told him and downloaded the software after following the above link. After this and after having spent more than an hour trying to make some people understand what i want, i sent an email to the casino and asked them to credit the bonusese in our accounts. The answer was unbelievable.

Our records indicate that your friend (username XXXXXX) has been referred by a different player. We are sorry we are unable to add the Tell A Friend bonus to your account.

After this, I sent them an email to ask why they were saying this crap and told them to justify why my friend although refered by another player had not received the refer friend bonus.... Pure lies? I think so. My friend's account never received a refer friend bonus. After my email the responded with the exact same email. I tried to contact them one more time trying to get a response about the lie they told me and apparently the line was cut.

What I want ?

I want people to know this and know with what persons have to deal with. I liked their casinos and fast support but i think that same critical aspects of my opinion have been changed. It is not the 50$ refer friend bonus but the whole attitude i received. I really do not know why they didn't abide by their rules. There is no explanation for this. I informed them that i ll go this in public. I d like an explanation about they lies of cs, an apology for my wasted time and the refer friend bonus in my account.

Sorry for being looong.... :)

UPDATE : My friend received a bonus. Not me. Apparently there has been some mistake.
Here is the link i discussed about above.

New info.

Something strange is going on... Who is this Jan ?? Definetely not me. Apparently there has been some mistake. My friend email is not known to anybody.. Only to Planetluck casino...

Dear ........,
Thank you for participating Starluck Casino Tell A Friend (TAF) program.
We thank you for joining Starluck Casino on the reference of our valuable player Jan. We hope you will have an exciting experience
at our Casino as much Jan has.
Sincerely Yours,
Becky Evans
Customer Care Manager
Starluck Casino
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i sympathise. Incompetent CS can drive you mad.

Starluck and Planetluck are dishonourable in my opinion also. I stopped playing there and wanting them to close my account. CS asked me all ID questions and, after all that, then refused to do it unless I then ring a long distance international phone number (not free number). Outrageous. They managed to sign me up OK without a phone call.

FIVE times I asked them to close my account. FIVE times they refused. The last three responses were just auto-replies. I asked who their liscening body was .. no answer.

Sorry to distract from your post but just my experiences to back up your own.

Good luck ... I think you may need it.

Yes, I remember this "phone contact" business when I made my one and only withdrawal from them. I had trouble with the software, the first attempt to withdraw got "stuck", and I never bothered with PlanetLuck.
This case appears to show that CS Incompetence has lead to a "leak" of personal data during the maladministration of the refer a friend program.
This was probably the result of them trying to "bodge" rather than fix properly, the initial problems with the E-mails to Hotmail and Gmail.

Tell your friend, when using the software for Blackjack, always hit a hard 22:D
Ok. Some more emails were sent back and forward. They do not seem to understand that the problem now is not the bonus itself but their whole attitude. I sent one more email that will be my last one and i wait for an official answer from their manager either here or in my inbox. They told me that the manager is pointed in this thread. I copy my last email here and just wait for answer. My friend also sent them emails explaining the situation.


Ok. Listen to me. I ve been wasting my time with you for more than 2 days.
I do not know what the problem was but definetely it was from your side. You
do even care to search this because your systems tell always the truth kiss my ***...

Stop being addicted to terms and conditions and try to get a human approach in customer support. I was the one who told you that your tell-a-friend form
has a problem sending emails to hotmail address. I sent more than 5 emails
to make this clear to you. If it was any other casino at your position, I
would have been rewarded because I helped you make your site better and because i pointed out one malfunction. But other than this you still break my nerves
mainly with irrelevant answers to my questions.

Now, for me the problem is not the refer friend bonus but your pathetic attitude towards my face as a customer. Who cares if you ll give me the 50$ ???

I know that you do what they tell you to do so I d like this email to be read by your manager. I want a person who owns the place to take a look to the reason of his existence. The customers.

Although my point was not proved ( I asked them to send the other player an email asking for my friend's info. Of course the other player never answered.),
they gave me the 50$. Thanks to Ambica, the supervisor of cs, i got answers to my emails. All the other stuff was.....

Think this as resolved although we ll never find out what happened.

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