inbox dilemma


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every time i get a message in my inbox, the board does not let me do anything before i did not read it

how can i get rid of that ?



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Is it a pm that says that you have been quoted?
In that case you can go up to setting up to the right and change them so you don't get a pm every time someone are quoting you.

Check if there are other setting you can change too. It does seems weird. I can like KK always choose to ignore them.


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As I recall this "feature" only applies to forum n00bies. Basically it is trying to encourage you to read your PMs.

For the short term the solution is to read your PMs (if I recall correctly). In the longer term you won't be a n00bie any more so the problem goes away.

I haven't personally experienced this so I may be off on some of the details.

PS. If you want to get our attention on something -- such as your post here -- please use the "Report Post" feature:

More details here How to: Report a post. Why would you? Why should you?


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Think it is only something that affects new members.

But not really sure as never had that problem as rarely get pms lol:D


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Yes, as mentioned above - this is only for newbie members. Way too many members, mostly newbies, were ignoring administrative PMs - I got fed up with it, so I now require newbies to read their PMs before they can do anything else. It may be annoying for the newbies, but it's way more annoying for me to repeat myself when it comes to explaining our policies on posting complaints etc.

Since you are now a "full member" you shouldn't be having to deal with this anymore. :D