in the money!


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After more than nine days of frustration, I finally finished in the money. I was 2nd out of 40 and won $3.60. Below are the freeroll details for those who are interested.

Place: Wingows Poker
Game: No limit hold-em
Start time: 4:00 a.m. ET (they're on roughly every two hours)
Registration time: 3:40 to 3:55 ET
Max entrants: 48
Actual entrants: 40
No of winners: top 4
Entry fee: nil
Buyin: nil
Rebuys: unlimited until first break, 25c + 25c
Addon: one after first break, 25c + 25c
Base prize pool: $10 (25c added from each rebuy and addon)
Structure: 10-minute blinds starting at 10/20
Starting, rebuy, and addon chips: 1,000



Dormant account
I played a rebuy at pokerstars the other day, and ended up in the money...
But I was pretty decent staked and had ak suited and the damn guy craked it with a2...
O well though pokerstars at its best. :) :thumbsup: