In lean times...


Dec 12, 2010
When (for whatever reason) your bankroll is low but you still have the urge to gamble what do you do about it? What's your strategy if you have one? Here are a few of mine:

1) Play free tournaments. While I can (and have) won more on an MG tournament I much prefer 3Dice for this strategy. Their tournaments almost always give you good playtime and they seem to happen pretty much constantly. There's always something going on there! MG tournaments just feel a bit joyless by comparison. I also try and buy a bunch of tourney credits when I hit a big win.

2) Do a minimum buy-in on a decent Rival casino and take one of the absurd 600% match bonuses. It takes about half an hour for me to get through the T+Cs alone before doing this.

3) Post on Casinomeister/trawl the winners screenshots thread/read the latest posts.

4) Sign up to a brand new (and accredited!) casino that has a no deposit bonus. Low-roll with the ND bonus.

5) Play something like BDBA or Thunderstruck on a mega-low stake.

On this list I do mostly 1 and 4 when my bankroll is low. The interesting thing I've noticed is that I can get as much enjoyment out of this mega-lowrolling play as some sessions where I've burned through £500 in a few hours. Isn't that funny? :confused:

Be good to hear your ideas too, if you have some :thumbsup:

As always, Good luck!


Mar 16, 2011
Number 4 for me. I had to do that recently when I locked down my bank card and could only use accumulated comp points to play with for a week or so. It was odd playing BdBA on stakes like 18 coins, but even odder when I got excited at wins as big as £5. It was actually really exciting, unlike when I have full use of my finances and can basically afford to bet whatever I wish (within the bounds of reason).

There's a lot to be said for L0_Rolling :)