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Jun 30, 1998
...what the hell I've been doing. Since the ICE, I've been pretty much swamped with a number of administrative things - writing up the ICE 2007 review (should be out tonight or first thing in the morning), and a bunch of other stuff.

PABs are backlogged to the 20th of January, but these are on schedule to be dealt with tomorrow - have no fear, they will be dealt with (there are 45 in queue).

If it's an emergency - like your hair is on fire - you can PM me. Some of you have already, just bear with me, everything should be up to speed by the end of the week. :D

Cheers! :thumbsup:
Girrrl, just thinkin the same thing!:) See what happens when we don't have anywhere to spend our money. We start lookin at the man's neck, those arms, them eyes and oh my that mouth! Whew LOL

I heard CM is a real dab hand at Photoshop.

Only joking CM! Oh those arms and geez what a neck!! :p I haven't seen a neck like that in years - lol.

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