In Case You Miss me... twisters down south


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I'm in Alabama. Power and utilities down since Wed. Now have water, Verizon is back up (using mobile broadband right now on netbook) have a small generator for small things, hard to find gasoline tho. We expect to be without power in this county for another 7 or 8 days.

Drove 75 mi. round trip yesterday to a WalMart in neighboring county for essential supplies (bread, ice, bottle water, sodas, and batteries).

No damages here so we are fine, merely inconvenienced, and happy to be alive.

Must charge my netbook before we shut down generator.



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Glad you're safe and sound mousey! Hopefullly power is returned sooner than anticipated and the clean up can start. So scary to see what's happened down there...


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Glad to hear you are doing okay! Hope life gets a little easier for you soon. It's amazing what we take for granted, until we have to do without. Keep safe, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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It is terrible to know that others are being horribly mistreated by the weather when you are safe and sound elsewhere.

Happy you are OK, Mousey, and sad to hear about you being without power. The only good thing is that at least you are not in the middle of the winter cold.

Good luck and hope your power will be back up sooner rather than later. :)

Take Good Care.


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Thank goodness you are o.k.! It's tragic what has happened to so many....we can only hope that it gets better!


I grew up north of Atlanta and have been thinking about everyone down south. I've been very close to tornado touchdowns but what I have seen of parts of Alabama and Georgia are mind boggling. I hope all gets back to normal soon and the lives touched and lost will not be forgotten.