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I was out for two weeks chilling on a beach and didn't even check the forum once! :p

So now I have a loads of PMs to go through, and I am sure some pertinent threads.

I am aware of the GDPR thread dealing with some reps not willing to entertain our members with answers to questions. Seems a bit off, so I will be looking into that by tomorrow.

If there are any other issues you feel i should be aware of, please post the links here. Thanks! :D


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Nice to see you back :)

Since I don't know what is reported then I will just copy the links to the threads I think you should read. The first is this: Question on verification -Redbet
It turned out that MrGreen obviously owns Redbet now. We were a bit confused when the rep for MrGreen started to reply in this thread and they are obviously sharing the data between them even though they are separate casinos with separate license. Maybe it needs to be added to the reviews so people know.

Then another one of these: Betat/Slotty Vegas? that you maybe should read.

Have fun cathing up :thumbsup:
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welcome back Bryan, hope you had good holidays
enjoy the zillion hour catch up :D