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Oct 30, 2005
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I've been looking at this casino, and was thinking about making a deposit since it has a good signup bonus. The sofware provider, Grand Virtual, has had mixed reviews by looking at the posts regarding this group.

Should I take the risk and play here? Has anyone had any experience with them lately?

edit: the correct name is 'Imperial Casino'
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You may be mistaking Grand Virtual for Virtual.

They are very different places.

I have no problems so far with Grand Virtual, while I wouldn't touch Virtual with a ten foot pole.
Thanks for your reply.

I was referring to grand virtual, I'm not familiar with Virtual however.

I've seen some posts about disputes regarding winnings here, but there were also some positive reviews as well. Maybe it has something to do with them being bought by another company recently.

From what I've heard about them so far, I think I may give them a try.
Every 24 hours but not at weekends. I used to like these because if you play by Credit card they only 'tally up' once a day.

So you could deposit $50 and withdraw $100. What would happen is after 24 hours, all your play in that period is assessed. So in this case no charge would hit your credit card but winnings would just be $50. This works out the same, but I used to like the fact my card was only processed if required (i.e. I lost!).

If you chose Neteller as withdrawal option (even if you play on CC) then the withdrawal is processed within the 24 hour window.

Trouble I used to find though was because the deposits weren't 'real' I could get carried away trying to recoup losses only to end up getting wacked with a $600 credit card bill at the end of the 24 hour period.

Also, no withdrawals at weekends so all plays and pays calculated on Monday.


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