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Jul 7, 2009
I found this in the 'news' section but could not find any mention of it elsewhere. The new game launches this evening and I was just curious if any of you planned to give it a go?

I know not everyone is a fan of 'lucky dust' but maybe we can finally convert a few of you into Bingo lovers :)

07 February 2014

The Isle of Man-based online gambling software developer Microgaming is putting the final touches to an innovative, new community gaming concept centred on the popular Immortal Romance online slot, and has scheduled the launch for later this (February) month. Originally launched in December 2011, the original Immortal Romance game is well known for its captivating graphics, original soundtrack and smooth, fast gameplay. Microgaming has taken all of these core elements, including its special features and in-game characters, and included them in a new hybrid Bingo game experience.

Immortal Romance Bingo offers four different themed games, each led by the familiar characters Amber, Troy, Sarah and Michael. Each character brings a number of special, patent-pending features to their individual game, that, when triggered, gives the player the chance to be one step closer to achieving Bingo through free daubs! In addition to the standard line prizes popular with Bingo players everywhere, buried deep at the heart of the game is a Jackpot Wheel, labelled the Chamber of Wins. During traditional gameplay, players collect Medallion numbers to charge a power-up bar that helps to unlock the Chamber of Wins.

Once unlocked, four different Jackpot prizes are up for grabs. These range from cash prizes, to free spins on the Immortal Romance online slot game. Dave Reynolds, head of bingo at Microgaming, says the new game represents an innovative and so far unique development that should please online bingo fans and ensure that Microgaming operators stand out from the competitive crowd.

"We believe we have developed a truly unique game experience that fully embraces and pays homage to the Immortal Romance brand that has already proved appealing with the Bingo demographic. This is a real game-changer and industry-first concept," he said.
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Well I don't really have the patience for Bingo so I seldom play it but I have a flutter once in a while. :cool::rolleyes:
Watched the video and I have to say it looks really nice,room all in IR theme. :thumbsup:
And the extra features seem to maybe make the games a bit more exciting. :)
It actually looks pretty cool. I do play the stand alone kind of bingo they have at RTG from time to time. I've dabbled in online bingo a little, never with a deposit. Rules seem so complicated about bonus bux and real play, and I've read far too many complaints on the forum about various sites. Even those from providers I trust I find difficult to understand, and I don't think I'm stupid.

If it was a multiplayer game like Wheel of Wealth or Multiplayer Isis with a little chat window in a bingo format, I'd be sure to play it. Give me one line pays so much the letter T a little better, etc, progressive for a full card in under 50 numbers or such.

If I have to wade through bingo rules, I'm not so sure.

But had I waded through the rules to play bingo, I'd probably pick this one.

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