Im Jamie michelle orosco


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May 22, 2020
United states
Hi i am a mother of 4 just had a new one 4 months today. I struggle but the lord always provides i like to gamble because i can win more money that wat i have lost a lot but i win here and there im very sad and i feel so help less all the people that gamble now that every time we deposit money to a casino with the hopes of winning a good jackpot. i recently won around 17,500 dollars at a casino for the first time after losing all the time never complainned or just 1 time everything was good when i withdrawl they ask for verification i gave it to them as soon as they finish verifincation prosses they locked me out of my account i have screen shots of my winnings deposits not all of them. But i dont know wat to do i feel so helpless can any one help me with this unfair casino pls or guide me on wat to do i can really use that money or if they just give me wat i deposited ill be happy with that pls help me

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