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Nov 18, 2006
Hi everyone....I just sent the below email to FL. I want my accounts closed.....why?
Very seldom do I get any bonus offers and more often than not they get screwed up not counting the fact that the bonuses are not instant. The Club is a joke!

See my email I just sent a few minutes ago. I'd like to hear your thoughts, am I being unreasonable?

Players Club membership number is: xxxxxx
Please direct this email to a senior member of your customer service.
I have been playing at several of your casino's since August of this year. I have deposited a total of #1378.79. I have never had a cash out. Your casino group gives very few offers of bonuses and when they do more often than not they are problematic and small. Sometimes several emails have to be exchanged before it is sorted out and my account has been credited the proper amount. It's frustrating that a bonus is not credited correctly or promptly. If other casinos manage to credit the bonus instantly it seems as if it wouldn't be that difficult for your casino's to do the same. I realize that I'm not a HIGH-Roller but aren't people like me the bread and butter of your industry? I guess by now that you are getting the picture that I'm not satisfied with my overall experiences at your group of casino's nor am I happy with the bonuses. Last night I decided to check my point balance. I had accumulated enough points for a whooping $5.00 of credit. Yes I'm being sarcastic!
I will sign off by saying that that I understand that gambling is not a guaranteed win-win situation, it is a risk, but yet I find your bonus system and your rewards to be totally lacking for your meat and potatoes players like me, so I wish to cancel and close all my accounts at your group of casino's.
I can see nothing wrong with your e-mail. Some venting is understable given their incompetence in crediting bonuses but you seem to have restrained yourself. Most gamblers are impatient by nature and if there are a lot of hassles in acquiring bonuses due to them, more often than not they are squandered quickly once placed in the accounts. Let's see how much time they take to close your account. Ideally, they should be sending you an e-mail to at least explain what problems exist at their end but this is by no means a certainty.

I received a reply for FL within a few hours and they closed my accounts. I sure didn't hear anything remotely like, I'm sorry that your experience is unsatisfactory with us or we are sorry to see you go.

The reply just confirmed the belief I had that they don't place much value on a low roller who is not a PITA.

I did the right thing by closing my accounts.
So many people closing accounts in the last week or two! What's the rush guys? You could've waited until after Christmas to close them! Now you're forfeiting a possible gift in your account that you might've gotten. Just my thoughts! ;)
fortune lounge

What x-mas bonuses?
Did not receive 1 this year from any casino!
God after all the money we deposit you would think the casinos could give us a stinking 20 dollar "gift"
Now I remember why I stopped online gambling!
Is anyone playing the 15K Free roll there? The email said you get 2 free rebuys, I did not get them so fired off an email and they replied telling me to take a screenshot so they can forward it to Microgaming.

After I sent the screen shot I got a reply telling me to make sure I read the rules because there are no re-buys for this tournament.

I replied asking why the email mentions two free re-buys.... there answer was
The email notification you received about the $15K Festive Freeroll was not entirely accurate

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