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Yeah, in case you didn't notice - I'm back. :D

One week in Vegas (which I will reporting on in due time), and then a two week road trip with my 18 year old daughter through Nevada, northeast Ca, Oregon, Washington (Anacortes) and driving down Highway 1 from there to LA where we met up with my two oldest daughters. A pretty amazing trip. Saw a load of relatives, 40 year HS class reunion, and army buddies in Vegas for our 25 year Desert Storm reunion. It was pretty damn awesome. Photos will be coming later.

And now it's back to work mode. :D

And thanks for you all for behaving yourselves. The only peeps getting banned from here were the spammers. :thumbsup:


BTG, Be Terrified Guys
Welcome back Bryan..
Looking forward to read about all your adventures.. :thumbsup: