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Just in case any of you have wondered why I've been a non-participant of the forum for the past two weeks, I was on Spring Break with my family in Florida (Orlando, Miami, Key West, Sanibel Island).

I gained about a kilo from all the restaurant food - I tells ya, the food was excellent (except for the crappy take out pizza we had on the first night). More to come later :D

I'll be back in full swing tomorrow - if there are any important issues you'd like me to be aware of, please either PM me or post the URLs here thanks!

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My brother and his wife take a cruise every year around Key West, they love it. I bet you had a great time. I hope you got pics.


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Glad to hear you visited the beaches before the oil washes up and ruins them :mad:


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Welcome back...love the food in Key West!!!:thumbsup:

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