Im almost new here


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Jun 5, 2009
Im a classic lurker! :)

Started with horse betting at Unibet(-00 I believe) and have ended up with slots at several casino types on the net.

I have read a lot here and I really love the discussions about rigged slots.

My own thoughts: Of course they are rigged. Just make sure you notice when the machine wants to give money and when it wants to take..:)

A machine which shows you a lot of wilds without giving you any winnings is on a "taking" streak.

I often see this on mg slots.

Another mg example is Jonny Specter. If the funny/annoying little ghost often selects losing lines you have to change machine. If it selects more winning lines you keep the machine.

Well, I don`t say I am right here. But I have won a lot more than I have lost since I started to analyze these small things. :)

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