Ilogical promotinal bonus


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Dec 13, 2010
I received in an email the standard, "100% match your next deposit bonus up to $200 - X25 times playthrough requirement". I get these all the time and normally I deposit the amount required to get the maximum but this time I wanted to deposit more so I sent the following in an email to support:

I received a 100% bonus email to maximum of $200. Normally I deposit to get the maximum. For instance I deposit $200, I receive $200 and I have $400 to play with. The wagering requirements for this bonus would then be X25 which equates to $10000.

There is something I don't understand though regarding wagering requirements which you can explain to me. What will happen if I make a deposit of $800 today? How I read the conditions is, I will get a maximum $200 bonus which means I will have $1000 to play with. The wagering requirement for this bonus would then be X25 which equates to $25000. Am I correct in assuming this or is the wagering requirement based on the maximum $200 that can be received by depositing $200. In other words any money deposited above $200 doesn't count in the wagering requirement?"

I received a reply back stating that $25000 would be the wagering requirement. To me that has no logic at all. Logically the bonus should only apply to the $200 + $200 bonus and any amount I deposit above that shouldn't count. Going by their reply if I deposit $2000 and get the maximum $200 bonus then my wagering requirement would then be $55000. What is really idiotic in this policy is I could easily get around the $25000 wagering requirement by depositing $200 and getting the $200 bonus and then make another deposit straight after for $600 which would not attract any wagering requirement as there would be no bonus subjected to the second deposit.

Am I looking at this issue totally wrong? Is these something I am missing here. Any replies would be very welcome.


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Jun 19, 2009
The way I look at bonuses, is as a leash on your deposit. If you deposit, take a bonus, then your money now belongs to the casino, until you have fullfilled the wagering requirement. If you add another deposit on top of what you already have initially started with, then you are simply adding to what belongs to the casino, again, until wagering requirement has been played through.

If you deposit $800, get the $200 bonus, then the casino owns the $1000. Most bonuses are calculated at bonus + deposit, unless otherwise stated. So it won't matter how much you deposit, it's theirs until you have made playthrough, but they have capped how much of a 100% they are willing to give, thus the limit on their money put up is only $200, but your amount however much it is, will be tied to a bonus and it's requirement. Your increased deposit, will increase wagering requirement.

Save yourself some grief and either play the bonus at the lower amount, with one deposit, or don't take a bonus, but for heavens sake, I don't think it's wise to add another deposit of your money with a bonus that is still in play. You could be increasing your wagering requirement, or opening yourself up for bonus abuse, thus getting your money confiscated, or winnings denied.

Think of it like a mortgage, once you have signed that paper, your home now belongs to the bank or mortgage company, until you have paid it back with interest.

I think if you study the devious tactics casinos are using lately here on the forum, with their T&C's, you really shouldn't put yourself at risk, unless you are not concerned about the possible outcome. JMO


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Apr 2, 2007
Just make 2 separate deposits.


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Aug 25, 2004
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I agree it is totally illogical for the casino to impose WR on any deposit above the maximum qualifying amount as it actually dissuades players from depositing more! :eek2:

But equally, even if they didn't apply the WR to the extra, it is also illogical for the player to deposit more than the maximum, because you are risking more of your own money for the same bonus.
You'd be much better off just depositing once for the bonus, and if you bust out deposit again without having any restrictions on your cash.
Depending on the software (I suspect RTG in this case); make sure you totally ZERO your account, log out & in again to make sure the WR is not carried over!

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Aug 15, 2007
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Hi Zoul,

The best non sticky bonuses, are when say 100% match, you deposit 100, get 100, WR is say 30x the 100 - the bonus money becomes *real cash*, so as long as you dont make a withdrawal before WR is met, you get to clear bonus cash and winnings - if you do make a withdrawal before WR is met, you still keep initial deposit cash (if any left), you just lose the bonus!

Most casinos these days have soo complicated bonus WRs, its not worth it.

Look for a good casino with old fashioned, easy to know bonuses.




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Jan 4, 2008
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Alot of places seem to be doing this. I've seen a few that specifically state that if you do deposit more than the bonus value, only the amount that is matched will be subject to wagering.

It's just a nice way of avoiding the higher wagering number. By saying 25x Deposit + Bonus you avoid saying 50x the bonus. Why do you think shops sell items for 99p - £1.49, £9,'s because it sounds less than £1 or £10k...all about psychology!

I'd always make sure the terms state the above before depositing more than the required amount anyway.


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Mar 25, 2006
Never tried this myself but you may be able to get around attaching your extra deposit to WR if you do the deposit in two transactions...

So first deposit $200, take the bonus, then second deposit no bonus.