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Mar 19, 2001
Illustrated casino has a loyaty comp program. You have to sign up on the web site before you play in order to get credited the points. Well, I forgot to sign upbefore playing. I asked if they would be so kind to credit my account with the loyaty points. They did. This is a present surprise from all the 'screw the player whenever possible' approach that has been running rapant on the net. Illustrated didn't have to give me these points and I would not have argued if the didn't. Thank you Illustrated.
Help I am new to this Forum and I have a ? plz
It is on Illustrated Casino, I deposited $40 and they gave me a $60 Bonus I won $625 and cashed out at $425.
I played the amount that was required to cash out.
It has been 5 days sence then and I asked them to put it back in my Pay Pal account.
I wrote them and asked them how long is it going to take till my winnings are in my pay pal account.
The responce was ":we will let you know when we are done proccessing it, that was the end of the message.
That was 5 days ago and I have not heard nothing.. should I write another letter?
Illustrated seem to take a while, my last Paypal deposit took 3 weeks.
Keep checking your account every few days and write giving them your details and it should all get sorted out.
I think it says Paypal takes 5-10 business days, which could mean anything up to 2 weeks or so.
Switching to Illustrated and Captain Cook is a little O/T but there have been a number of complaints here about them and slow payouts which gives one pause for thought. Hopefully Got2Bet, who knows management people there and tries to help whenever possible will have p[assed the word along to get them straight.

Regarding Intercasino, it seems as if this guy Sean is in need of management counselling in the critical area of client relations. However I see RyanH has noticed this thread so that will probably happen sooner rather than later!
I've used Illustrated and got my paypal money in 5 days. I deposited via paypal and withdrew that way. They were nothing but helpful. Of course my withdraw was only $130 but still... small change for any of these big casinos, right?? lol
I just got news from my bank that a check from Illustrated Casino to me, bounced! I emailed the casino and told them I was unhappy, not only for the bounced check, but for the fees associated with a returned check AND it put my account into an overdrawn state, which led to more fees. I asked them to put the money back into my casino account ASAP. Their reply was *send us the bounced check and your bank statement.* This infuriated me. First of all, I do not get checks with my statements, I know, I can request a copy, but this is the casino's screw up ....let them look at THEIR statement to see that a check was returned. They replied *sorry you don't like our answer to your problem*. They must not have an accurate picture of their account if they cannot see when they issue a bad check/ and it is returned. I have never had a problem with this casino before this so I wrongly assumed that they would be more helpful. Silly me!

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