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Jan 29, 2002
BEWARE!! I tried to collect a
$500 cashin via my credit card , which I used to make the purchases, and I was told that the payout was to paypal! I DON'T have a paypal account!!
I was encouraged to open a paypal acct. but I refused, stating that I wanted any refunds charged back to my credit card. They said that the"accounts dept" would contact me within 24 hours, but NO reply! I guess just another crooked casino with the stall stall delay tactics!!
casinos such as this who use the names of legitimate businesses, how do they get away with it. Is it because they are located in foreign countries? I saw one recently named Britney Spears casino. The home page shows a topless Britney Spears with these huge knockers! I know Britney Spears and her parents would be shocked to see such trash.
Hi Saliva,

How long have you been a customer at Illustrated? They have been using Paypal for months now; don't you realize that it's nearly impossible for any casino to credit your credit card these days due to the policies that Visa has passed on to their banks? Get with the program and open a paypal account.

This is not a crooked casino that is using stall tactics. The only one keeping them from paying you is you.

Hello Bryan,
I am sorry that you feel the way you do , but you don't know the complete story, and I will not relate it here! Anyway the bank I deal with will NOT accept paypal deposits,so what can I do , so what else can I do but expect refunds made to my charge card? Sorry, I cant "get with YOUR program"
but I am locked in. On Feb 4 2002 the casino credited my card for a cashin so why not now? They accepted deposits from my card without problem , so why not credit my card?? hmmm?
Hi Saliva,

I'm just responding to the information that you have posted...and paypal is not "my" program, it's "the" :D program.

I'll contact the casino and see if there can be something done. If you would either post or send me your username, it would be most helpful.

I was contacted by the casino (twice) that the player's situation has been resolved. They explained to him:

We cannot refund all purchases made at the casino. There is NOTHING we can do about this. Some purchases (because of the bank or processor they are handled through) are not refundable. If you do not want to accept the PayPal payment (which is our preferred/default method) please send us in alternate instructions.

The player finally agreed to be sent a check via snail mail.

My question: what the hell is wrong with opening a Paypal account? It would have made everything a lot simpler.

Totally agree with you Bryan. Why not just get a PayPal account ASAP? Bank declining a PayPal account?? WTF is that??
Some players have shown apprehension over using Paypal siince it seems that Paypal has closed some of their accounts.

In a perfect world it wouldn't happen, and the world isn't perfect; neither is Paypal.


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