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Mar 16, 2004
Ok. I will spare you the usual "I hate these scumbags" speech. I have been in contact with Mark @ IGS. In fairness to his orginasation, and to him I felt the need to post a new thread. He has expressed his displeasure with me for posting our email conversations on this and various other forums. He feels that they are confidental, and not meant for everyone else to see. I agreed to not post them, unless of course I don't get paid....very very soon.
Let me say, that Mark has shown a keen intrest in my case, to date he has lived up to every promise he has made me. Of course my opinion could change, but so far I appreciate the level of respect he has shown me.
The owner of islandjoescasino.com wants to make "paymentS" to me, Mark expressed his desire to pay me in full, and of course I agree with him.
Folks, I am not one of those annoying people who expects perfect service no matter where you go. If I eat at the Waffle house, I don't expect 4 star dining service. However, when I play at a casino, I do expect to be treated a certian way, and if I'm not I get very pissed very quickly.
I was playing BJ for $100-$500.00 a hand times three hands. When I won and cashed out I did not expect it to take over three months for someone to finally say "you will get your money". I also did not expect playercenter to lie to me for over a month telling me my check was in the mail. Above all else, thats the number one thing that sent me over the edge. If you can't or won't pay up, don't lie about it. Tell me up front. They could have told me in Feb about this IGS player gaurantee. Instead they took the position of "we are here and you are there" and there is nothing you can do about it. WRONG ANSWER. Again, it took 2 more months of bitching at this and other forums for someone to finally step up to the plate and say " I will take responsibilty for this". Even then I was the one who had to make first contact. The Meister was told in Mar that this would be handled, and nothing happened. In April I stepped up the attacks, and finally got to the point we are at today.
This is no way to treat someone who has played at the SAME place for over three years. What did they expect? I hope it wasn't a "we will get around to dealing with this someday" mentality. However I think that is exactly what happened. $4,800.00USD is not that much money to pay someone, and I find it unfortunate that it had to come to this level of complaining. My posts, as well as word of mouth to friends and complete strangers has cost them much more then that in lost revenue.
Trust me on this one folks, if I don't get paid shortly, my attacks and complaints will double. It is the only recourse I have and I will exploit it for as long as I can. If and when I do get paid I will post that as well. Thank you and I look foreward to your replies.
IMO, if he wanted your emails to be confidential, then he should have TOLD YOU SO when he sent the first one. And if they are being honest and above board about all this, I don't know why they would be so worried about keeping things secret. Unless they are going to offer a settlement like Hampton's did with the pirate.
I'm afraid I get this acute feeling of deja vu with every post about "mark @ IGS" It is almost blow-for-blow a reprise of what the Play4Treasure victim went through - the delays, the excuses, trying to get the owner to pay, the bitching about negative posts...all I'm waiting for now is the proposal to "settle" for less than the owed amount, followed by a request to pay it over a few months.

I am sorry to be so negative, m249 but this is eerily similar to the other case where these people screwed a player.

If the licensee has defaulted leaving a legitimately owed player, then the ethical thing for this turnkey provider to do is to look after the victims the way Microgaming and Cryptologic have done in the past when piss poor licensees have let them down.
Well, the voice of experience carrys alot of clout with me. Jetset, I hope you are wrong this time. Just because I want my money. Nothing personal. I got another email thanking me for my positive posts here and elsewhere. Further requesting that I update all my posts at other forums. Then I was asked for my banking info to "bank wire" me the money. However there was no dollar amount quoted. So, since I am trying to remain optimistc, I am assuming that the entire amount will be sent. I am still waiting for a reply to my last email requesting the wire confirmation number, and most importantly the amount of the transfer. I hope IGS see's the light here, and pays me off.
Like I have said before, anything less then full payment, quickly, and I will double my attack against this type of treatment. If this is the standard operational procedure of this company, then I promise I will make it my personal mission in life to make it known to as many people as possible. Of course if full payment is recieved, then I will say so.......happily too!!!!

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