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Mar 16, 2004
Thursday May 06 2004...I received A bank wire for the full amount ($4,800) USD. For those who have seen my threads about islandjoescasino.com, and playercenter.com, this brings to a close over three months of hell. IGS got involved, and paid me in full. It took some time, and alot of complaining, but the fact is I GOT PAID. I am very pleased about the outcome. I would like to thank everyone who read my posts, took action, and acted on my behalf. I firmly belive I would NEVER have seen a cent if it wasn't for these forums, advocates, and other concerned players. Again THANKS to everyone for your support. Now its off to Atlantic City, for some "real" gambling. :thumbsup:
Good going! :thumbsup:

Glad to hear that your experience wasn't as excrutiating as it could have been. I'm relieved that this software provider is stepping up to the plate and taking care of its players.
That's great news! :thumbsup:

Now be sure and send Bryan something nice from his wish list!
m249, I'm glad my pessimism was on this occasion misplaced...and kudos to IGS for doing the right thing this time around and standing behind its players. That is a credit on their slate!

I hope this company has been doing a little house-cleaning on operators like Island Joes and that it keep a closer eye on player issues going forward.
Hello everyone...and thanks again for your support. I played BJ and spanish 21 @ Ceasers for 14 hours straight. I lost about $1,200.00 overall, but man did I have fun.
I would like to express sincere thanks to the following groups for their help and support.
The hardcore gamblers at www.thiscasinosucks.com it was thru this forum I was given direct contact to IGS, as well as a contact name. This is the ONLY forum I found BTW that not only allows foul language, but encourages it. If potty mouth offends you stay away.
The extremely helpful www.casinomeister.com I have posted almost 100 times at this forum, and with the help of Bryan I was able to voice my experience, and his help was invaluable. Jetset, JPM, Grandmaster, and everyone else (except spybarbie)...offers sound advice, solid gamming support. The number of people who visit, and are members of this forum increase daily.
The members of www.winneronline.com The number of views to my posts and replies show there are concerned players no matter where you go on the internet. Also a forum whose numbers are growing daily.
I also would encourage players who encounter problems with online casino's to send ecorga an email. The gentleman that responded to my emails was very concerned with my case, and showed a genuine intrest in the outcome. This group is here to help, and the only way we can strike back sometimes is to let everyone know our case.
Let me sum it all up...we players DEMAND to be treated fairly, paid in a TIMELY manner, and treated with respect and common courtsey. WE are the reason for the casinos very existance, their income is based upon our deposits and play...The very slimey underbelly of this industry is becoming more and more exposed every day. Those of you who continue to rip off honest hard working players will end up paying for your decietful business practices. The days of vauge T&C's, slow paying, and or openly ripping us off are quickly coming to a close. There are plenty of honest online casinos, sometimes finding them can be a challange. I encourage players to post your negative, as well as your positive experiences, so the rest of us can become what it is the rouges fear the most...EDUCATED CONSUMERS. Good luck to everyone and as usual I look foreward to your replies.
m249a said:
Jetset, JPM, Grandmaster, and everyone else (except spybarbie)...offers sound advice, solid gamming support.

:lolup: <snicker> That'll put some sand in her crotch!
Great post, m249. You speak the truth and it was so rousing that I wanted to charge out there immediately and kick some baddie casino butt!!!

Well said.

We need to get this sort of thing out to the newbies so that they learn the value of research and the knowledge available on the message boards BEFORE they get sucked in to the bad sites.
I'm glad you get paid. :thumbsup: You do have a very good point here. Keep up good work! I love to read these forums everyday. It became my daily routine after the 1st cup of coffee! :p

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