Ignition disabled account, revoked funds.


May 17, 2022
Hi folks,

I created an account on ignition because I was interested in their bitcoin bonus deposit program in regards to the casino games. Shortly after creating my account I deposited $950 successfully and began playing slots. I won around $3,000 on a bonus game and was extremely excited to say the least, only to find out the very next day thay my account was disabled, funds were locked and I was under investigation. I had traveled to Jersey in order to attend a family members wedding and I don't know if that affected anything....

Three days later I was asked to send in documentation to support my address and identify which I did. Days and weeks went by with no update until yesterday when I was told that I would be banned from the site and my deposit/winnings would be confiscated. I am disappointed to say the very least. They customer service is atrocious and I have the worst time getting anywhere with them. Should I give up on money that is actually mine? Where in the world do I go from here? Please help
Their TOS say you need to inform them if you'll be visiting any state they don't operate in.

Have you tried asking to speak to their financial services team?
I have not.... Basically I got back to my home state and contacted the customer service department only to be told that they were confiscating my originally deposit and all winnings. It's a huge bummer considering the fact I just got started and was enjoying my time playing

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