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Sep 13, 2016
Been playing Blackjack since about the 8th grade. Use to go to a local casino with my dad when I turned 18 years old. I'm now 44 years old and have obviously played a lot of hands at casino and now online. I was a little reluctant to try online Blackjack but then thought that they must be reputable and possibly regulated?? So I jumped into Ignition Casino and began playing !! Well at first with smaller bets and standard playing my experience was pretty predictable. However,as I increased my betting the Odds began to change signifacantly!!! My 21 hits compared to the hosts were considerable different. Probably for every 1 blackjack I'd hit the Host Casino would hit about 3 or 4 more. Even more frustrating,, the house Dealer rarely ever busted when my bets were increased. Get dealt a 20!! Nice! Dealer would have twenty!! Get dealt a 13-14-15 to a face card. Bust! Bust! Or weven worse, Get a nice draw and stay on say 19 -20. Dealer would show 20 very consistantly. Reverse the scenario and see the dealer showing 3-4-5. Boom 20!! 21!! Rarely and I mean rarely, as my bets increased the dealer would settle for nothing other than something that tied or beat my hand. Ignition Casino in my opinion is Rigged!!! Never in all my years of playing have I seen such bad beats! Dealer flops 13. Boom 21 Dealer turns 14. Boom..ace, ace, 5. Dealer shows 8,,Ihave a 19...Boom dealer turns over an ace!!! Tie. Tie. Lose, Win, Lose, Lose, Win, Win, Lose, Lose, Lose , Lose, Tie, Tie, Lose.Lose,Lose!!!! You get my drift!! I'm fully aware that the game is very streaky and there are a lot of swings in momentum. Need to keep your emotions in check! Every time I'd gain a little momentum and increase my wage the tables would turn tremendouly in there favor!! Even worse,,,after a beating of say 5 to 6 in a row,,I'd increase my bets slowly to change momentum and the Host,,Ignition Casino,, would not have anyhting to do with it. Can't even begin to tell you, how utterly dissappointing it is to play Black Jack on Ignition Casino. I truely believe they are Cheating there clients!! Thanks for reading my rant!!


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Feb 17, 2012
Ignition Casino in my opinion is Rigged!!! ...... I truely believe they are Cheating there clients!! Thanks for reading my rant!!

Hi Eck1927 - while I'm sympathetic to your frustrations, the simple truth is that you're talking about a very small sample of data. FAR too small to draw the sort of conclusions you have about the honesty of the game regardless of whether it's online or offline.

Playing online does involve having a degree of trust in the fairness of the games and if your faith has been shaken that dramatically I would suggest either not playing further or choosing an alternative casino to play with. I'd also point out that the rate of play online is generally dramatically higher than it is offline meaning that the same swings that you're used to sitting in your local casino can occur far faster.

If you are intending to play online again I'd suggest playing a lower stake than you usually would offline and perhaps looking to learn the correct Basic Strategy for the game you choose.



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Sep 25, 2016
Ventura, Ca
Have To Agree

I have not been playing quite as long but have played a fair amount of Blackjack in my life. My experience at ignition casino was almost identical. Its almost impossible to believe that the game was fair or random. I left feeling very played.