IGE, ICC & LAC Conferences


RIP Gary
Dec 19, 2008
Hi All,

Just a quick note to mention that Ill be doing 1-on-1s on behalf of Euro Partners and GPWA from the 25th 1st at the International Casino Conference, the International Gaming Expo and the London Affiliate Conference.* In the past these have included site analysis, industry recommendations, SEO and PPC advice and other strategy-based discussions.

There have been quite a few changes to paid and organic search such as the Caffeine update and Ill be releasing my 2010 version of Top 12 SEO Tips in GPWAs next issue but if you would like to get a preview of the new recommendations and how they may or may not affect you then schedule a 30 minute meeting.

As anyone that I have spoken to in the past knows, I dont commercial these 1-on-1s, I give straight answers in a transparent way. I am also an Affiliate and can offer some unique tips in the gaming industry that I think you would be hard-pressed to hear from a typical SEO company that caters to Operators versus their Affiliates.

Drop me a line at Gary ( at ) VanguardSEO.com or contact your Rep at Euro Partners or GPWA at their stand and set up a meeting.

Gary Beal

PS. I'll be giving free access to a new tool we developed Vanguard Link Inspector*which not only looks at your back links but also inspects various attributes of who links to the websites that link to you.

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