If you use your debit card to deposit at gambling sites


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Does your debit card provider place a cookie on your computer when its used successfully?

Mine does and it is used as some sort of fraud prevention tool. If I leave the cookie there transactions do not usually get blocked by the bank/verified by visa. If I clear cookies/cache my next deposit ALWAYS gets blocked and I have to phone and answer questions/provide a DNA sample to be allowed to use my card.

Makes being told to clear cookies/cache by CS all the more annoying as I know it will mean having to go through a load of crap next time I want to deposit somewhere. Has anyone else found this with their card?

Also on a side note, does anyone know if clearing cookies/cache would solve a problem should logging in and playing in incognito mode solve it as well? I ask because that would be a helpful thing to try if clearing everything would be a pain.


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Especially when 99% of the time, the problem is at their end. So clearing cookies and cache does absolutely fuck all, except delete useful stuff on your computer.

It's about time casino's got their IT guys to write some proper fault finding scripts for the CS agents to use


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When I use verified by visa it places a cookie which is stored for 30 days. I used to have loads of problems with Verified by Visa at EveryMatrix sites, always rejected but the bank blamed it on the transaction being in Euros.


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Barclays got rid of having to type any digits on verify by visa, So nothing to store,

On rare occasions clearing the cookies can solve problems, Please do not do it every time CS asks, as its normally not a fault on our side but theres, Pisses me off when they use that line