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Here is an email exchange I had with customer services at casino floor. Pretty cool right?


Rep (Casinofloor)
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Rep (Casinofloor)
Jan 12, 17:30
Hi again,

Thank you for your email.
I am sorry to hear that this was a losing session for you. I have reviewed your history and I see what you mean, therefore I added 100.00 GBP as a goodwill to your account.
Good luck with your bonus!

If there is anything else that we can do for you, please feel free to contact our support again.
Best regards,
Customer Care

Jan 12, 17:09

I've tried to put through my remaining balance as withdrawals.
Sadly, as much as I appreciate your congratulations on my winnings, I'm afraid this was a losing session for me :-(
If you felt like softening the blow with some sort of comp then you might become my fav casino customer rep!
Many thanks.

Rep (casinofloor)
Jan 12, 16:39

Thank you for your email.
No worries, it happens!
You can request more withdrawals during one day, however, we may not process all of them during the same day.

Have a nice day and congratulations to your winnings!
Best regards,
Customer Care


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£100 is very generous for a comp bonus, well done to Casino Floor :)


yes very generous but the question is how much you deposited.
when Ben was in the lead at Guts, comps used to be 10% of the deposited amount of a particular horrendous session.(not saying that now aren't alike, just that i don't know). once i got from Tia at regular support 40e wager free after i lost 400e at lightning speed in the newest release at that time ifoolyourwishesmaster. casinos that do this and don't have already a reward system know how to please their customers.