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Jan 4, 2004
Hi all. I am bringing this up because some of the most recent posts address this question.

On some casino websites, and in some of the postings here, it seems that when someone wins money they have to send in a copy of their drivers license, utility bill, and I even think I read once that someone had to send in their birth certificate! I am not saying this is every casino, but some of them.

Personally, I have a big concern about this. Identity theft is a HUGE concern these days and a rising crime. I would be very hesistant to send my drivers license and other important information to some company in another country.
I don't even like to provide that information to my neighborhood bank when I apply for a loan, much less a casino on some island somewhere.

I understand that casinos need to protect themselves, but I deposit by NETeller and don't know why a casino would need the info. Hasn't NETeller verified who I am?

Do casinos have the right to ask for these documents if they don't tell you that on their website? If not, this will be a big factor for me in deciding where to play.

So far I only play poker and have had no I guess I will never have this problem... but maybe someday!

Anyway, I guess my question is, do most casinos ask for this or are there a lot that don't?

Thanks for listening.

Most do demand it before they'll pay you. If you don't give it to them, they won't pay you until you do. Some don't require it until you reach a certain level of cashin ($3-500). I agree with you, I don't like it one little bit, but its one of those "can't fight city hall" deals. They've got you by the you know whats, and if you want your money, then you won't have much choice unfortunately.

I suppose if you were concerned about identity fraud, you could scan in your license and change the sensitive info (like ss# or whatever) before you send it, or maybe put a picture of Larry Fine on it instead of your own. They may pick up on that last one though if they are true fans of the 3 geniuses! ;-)
They only ask for the documents when you win, they don't mind who you are if you loose.
All RTG casinos want your ID, Giant Vegas even want your last 4 digits of SSN. :eek:
MG and playtech casinos tend to ask for a lot of documents as well, that's just how they do business.
Yes, Neteller already identify who you are, the casinos still want your ID to double check if you created more than one accounts. Player fraud and charge back are the top reasons why casinos loose money. In the early days many casinos bleed to death not knowing what hit them.
With Neteller we can't do charge back, nor can we create more than one account. The issue become.... subtle.
IMO, casinos just want to hold your money as long as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely you will play more and loose them all. Less reputable casinos would find every excuse possible to delay your payment hoping you'd loose them all. Even Casino on Net states their 7 days pending policy is "for player's benefit". :rolleyes:
Your best bet is to ask them before making any deposit. Make sure you keep the email just in case.
As far as I know, Casino on net, cherry casinos (and its sister casinos), all BM and cryptologic casinos do not requir documents.

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