I would like to know of any other experiences like this


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Feb 1, 2002
Black Rhino Casino? I believe this is a relatively new casino, my own experience of this casino isn't much as i applied for the free 10 bonus they was offering here and after several days of checking decided to email them, they told me the bonus in question expired on the day i applied for it so i thought no more about it.Since then i have been told of more worrying things on this casino the most recent being someone actually winning $175 and actually cashing out but not being paid, here is a copy of this persons updated review at mco, name removed of course.
"This is an update on this casino. I did win and cashed out $175. I had to go to the transaction page and hit withdraw and then I withdrew the $175.00. I was told I would receive a check for my winnings. As I hadn't heard anything I gave them a call and was told that I had not cashed out anything and had played down to zero. How they could have figured that out I have no idea. I even wrote down the transaction # and gave it to them but it didn't help. I know this is a new casino but if they can't even keep up with your winnings then I sure don't think I want to put my own money in there. Just a word of advice, if you decide to cash out then print out a copy of what you are cashing out so there will be no question. I just learned a $175.00 lesson."

I have myself emailed black rhino on this and am awaiting a reply to hear their explanation, i dont expect to get very far as i'm only a small site owner but who knows, i would like to hear of any more experiences like this.Thankyou


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Nov 5, 2001
This is a very serious allegation indeed and i have posted it is here to Ryan the casino manager of Black Rhino's on the forum he frequents most it seems.P4K.

Hopefully this is sorted,and quick!


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Jun 30, 1998
I've emailed the casino to see if they would like to respond.




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Feb 1, 2002
Thankyou for your help on this,would appreciate your posting any response on this as i have yet to recieve a reply from the casino myself, i am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here as i understand it could be a one off mistake although i do find it hard to believe they cant even keep track of money going in and coming out,i thought all casinos could even tell how many games or hands you played even down to how many games was won or lost. Well we'll just have to wait and see.


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Feb 1, 2002
Just an update on the previous posts, i have had a response from ryan and i think this will be resolved one way or the other now, thankyou for letting me post this here, this is Ryan's reply :

Hi Anthony,

You are the third person to bring this situation up to me. The only
is I have not heard from the player in question. She may have contacted
support staff and had a problem with them. If that's the case I can
look up
her account and get to the bottom of this.

We pay our players. We care about our players. Please, please get in
with the player in question and tell them to contact
ryan@blackrhinocasino.com with their situation. I will get to the
bottom of
this and give you a complete explanation.

I would love to do business with you and I'm very upset with the bad
reputation we've suddenly been given. I completely understand if you'd
to hold off on a business relationship until this is resolved.

Best regards,
Ryan Lesperance
Black Rhino Casino


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Feb 18, 2002
Hi Everyone,

Ryan Lesperance here from Black Rhino Casino. Thank you Bryan for contacting me regarding the post at this forum. After receiving several emails from other players and now finally an email from the player in question I have done some research on the situation. The best way to explain what happened I believe would post the email I sent to Judith, the player in question.


I have read your post at MCO and received email from several other players regarding your situation. Upon receiving an email from you I looked into your situation and discovered the problem. You have two accounts signed up with us.

1. judijc (signed up Feb04)
2. judijc1 (signed up (Feb03)

Both of these accounts received a bonus.

You played your bonus with 'judijc' and lost. This is the account customer service must have been looking into when they said you didn't win.

You also played your bonus with 'judijc1' and won $175. A check was issued to you (in error) for $175.00.

Unfortunately by having two accounts and playing your chips with both of them you disqualified yourself from any possible winnings. We have put a stoppage on your check which should arrive in the mail shortly.

My apologies if there was any confusion regarding the rules of the promotion. However, the rules were clearly stated on our web site. Please email me at ryan@blackrhinocasino.com if you have any further questions regarding your cashout.

Ryan Lesperance
Black Rhino Casino

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