GENERAL WARNING "I work for Casinomeister", fraudster alert


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
It's come to our attention that certain unscrupulous individuals are claiming that they work for Casinomeister. They are attempting to influence and/or blackmail casino operators based on those claims. There have also been attempts to phish for user data. These are fraudsters and their claims are completely false.

It's very easy to know who is legitimate at Casinomeister: check the Staff members list. There you'll find the following:
  • @Casinomeister aka Bryan Bailey: Bryan and only Bryan sets policy at Casinomeister. Period. He is also solely responsible for business affairs. Any claims to the contrary are bogus. He is @Casinomeister on the forums and [email protected] otherwise.
  • @maxd aka Max Drayman: that's me, generally in a position to implement and enforce the policies Bryan has set for the forums at Casinomeister. I also manage the Player ArBitration (PAB) side of things with assistance from @GourdFollower. I am @maxd on the forums and [email protected] otherwise.
  • @dunover: helps us with forum moderation. @Simmo! and @neilw may also step in from time to time.
  • @LadyJelena: our Accounts Manager.
  • @pereblue: our Project Leader + SEO Expert.
In terms of the public face of Casinomeister that is pretty much it.
Anyone else claiming to speak for or represent Casinomeister is almost certainly lying. Please report them to us ASAP.
If in doubt check with Bryan, or Max if you can't reach Bryan, or @pereblue otherwise. Or feel free to shotgun your query out to all three of us so that you'll get the quickest possible response.