I wonder about this...


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I really wonder about this alot, particularly when I play an RTG casino.
When you are playing slots, for example, and you quit playing for a while, when you come back do you have the same machine you left, or do you get a machine randomly?
When I play Super Diamond Mine, even if I uninstall that particular casino, come back a month later, it has saved how many diamonds I have toward the bonus, so I began to wonder when I download is there one machine downloaded and I play that one over and over.
Just curious, if anyone know the answer I would be most appreciative in knowing it.
Thanks much


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It's not like you playing the same machine. You sending a request to their server and it returns randomly genarated number which corresponds to a particular combination on a slot machine. The last combination that you see after you come back, even if you uninstall it, is the last hand from their database which stores all data related to your betting and hands(or in this case slot combination for your account) dealt.


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I have a similar question but it involves Black Jack. When you log out of the casino and come back to play another time does the software reset or does it log the previous gameplay and pick up from the last point. The reason I ask is because if it takes up where it left off it would be like playing one long session at the same table. For instance if I were at a land based casino and I was playing at a table, and it was not going to well, I could leave and go to another table with a different dealer, different shoe etc. Or if I played and left the land based casino and came back the next day it would be at a different table, and dealer etc. Similar in online or does it just pick up from the last hand?

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