I Won Pp Bad Beat Jackpot $500,000

This morning when i logged in it was over $20,000. So it must been hit this morning. Some guys won $180,000 from the $500,000 Jackpot last night. Sad thing is I use Firepay to deposit and Neteller to withdrawal. Firepay now only has email support and it takes over 24hrs to get a response. I needed them to reset my password so i could access my account. But to no avail i wasn't able to play last night. :mad: I hope they reply to my email today. Their fees are the best. But their support team is a big fat F. They should fire the people in charge of Firepay planning. Firepay used to be the best behind Paypal and now Firepay has gone to Hell (if you will :D)
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